“Stay in the street,” we tell the Zip Line Kid, who sees 20 friends at the Block Party

No pictures (if you want pictures click here).  Just a quick note to say that one main goal of the Block Parties (to build community) was realized last night for kids and adults alike.

Now that John has his own phone (more about that here) we figured he could enjoy a bit of freedom at the Block Party as long as he stayed within the blocked-off section of Main St.  (sounds funny telling your kid to stay IN the street) and checked in with us every fifteen minutes or so.

At the end of the night, I asked how many friends he saw.  “At least 20,” was his immediate answer.  “Kids from the cast [Holiday Delights], kids from school, kids from camp, kids from St. Ann’s, kids from all over.”

Vickie and I connected with at least as many — and met a few new friends.

The Block Party worked!

But there’s more — a dozen live music choices on Cape Ann today.  Keep the momentum going.  Don’t stay home.  Check them out here.


  • it is so much fun.. love watching people see each other that they have not seen in a while, lots of hugs and handshakes… I saw Johnny a couple of times and he was having a great time


  • I wish I could find a spear of pictures taken at this event.I was with GiGi the “Queen of Salem” most of the night at the request of Mayor Kirk. We were taking pictures of so many it would be nice to see some of them.


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