Yacht Never Say Never Docked At Cruiseport Gloucester Photos and Ship Website From Anthony Marks

From CharterWorld.Com-



Motor Yacht Never Say Never – a Sunseeker Predator 130 Superyacht

Yacht Description

38.4m motor yacht Never Say Never is a luxury Sunseeker Predator 130 performance vessel launched in 2011. Never Say Never superyacht features great visual appeal thanks to her sculpted windows and angular facets. She is an elegant vessel in her overall design.


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  • This doesn’t suck.


  • OMG!!!!!….How I would love to cook on this vessel…..One of my dreams…. to host a Dinner Party for my family and friends in a space like that…..cocktails & appetizers prepared on the upper deck in the outdoor kitchen….and dinner prepared in the beautiful modern indoor kitchen….What a party it would be……<3


  • I find this boat unattractive.


  • I wonder if the owner of this boat ever thinks of all the children in this world that have nothing to eat.


    • Who says that the owner of this boat doesn’t give a ton back to charity? Maybe he does. I bet the owner of this boat pays a shitload in taxes that help to pay for schools and roads being paved and welfare. I bet the person who owns this boats pays a lot more for those things than most people do. and


      • Agree! how many people did “this” owner employ to build this boat. how many people does this owner employ to; crew, maintain and keep it afloat. not to mention the buisness he brings to a port that it visits and the boat yards. i’m guessing hundreds of workers and their families benefited from this ship. The so called 99 percenters like to put down the rich. but they’re (the rich) are the the ones that employ the 99 percenters and us schlubs.


  • Did it have to stop to go thru customs ?


  • The design of this thing is so obscene it’s awesome. I could fish from the poop deck but if I didn’t have a champagne flute in my hand I would get kicked off.

    I bet if I went down there in my tuxedo they would hand me a platter of stuffed shrimp and tell me to work the afterdeck.


  • I am a British Yacht engineer based in Florida, I was working on a 121′ sunseeker whilst this yacht was having upgrades to its systems in Fort Lauderdale out of the water and docked right next to us…
    These boats are the embodiment of compromise, the owners want all the space for themselves, but they often forget that there are crew who live 24/7 on the boat and have to eat, sleep, and relax on the same vessel…
    then there are construction codes and standards… they look great but if you really know boats you become used to seeing compromises everywhere.
    Personally the best part is when those massive MTU motors burn over 300 Gallons of diesel every hour and convert it into speed.


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