See “Rock Stars of Gloucester” tonight ~ in the flesh and oil

Allen Estes ~ oil on canvas by Laureen Maher

Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks and don’t know that Gloucester’s biggest block party ever starts at 6 tonight, you can click here to read some posts about it.  Okay, now you know.

Celebrating Gloucester’s extraordinary music scene has become a Block Party tradition — and we do it by putting musicians and dancers on the street, right in front of our celebrated shops and restaurants.  (see schedule here)

Fly Amero ~ oil on canvas by Laureen Maher

In this spirit, Laureen Maher will be putting her series of oils on canvas, entitled “Rock Stars of Gloucester” on display at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo Gallery at 82 Main Street, right next to the Sargent Stage (see map here) where one of the rock stars in her collection, Allen Estes, will be performing with his son Dylan.

Other Rock Stars of Gloucester on display tonight (in oil) will be JB Amero, Dave Sag, Inge Berge, Willie Alexander featured with Greg Tower and Ed Savage, Rik Razdan featured with Lisa Marie — and Fly Amero (who may appear in the flesh with his sister, Linda, at the Franklin Stage).

So dine, dance and shop under the stars tonight in Gloucester.  You’ll have more fun than you think you deserve.

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