Video- Secret Swimming From Kenny MacCarthy

My podcasting buddy Kenny MacCarthy who runs his blog shares a secret spot for your dog to take a cool dip. Dogtown has lots of trails, carved rocks, ghosts and history. It’s also "dog heaven" on a hot day.


  • We were wondering why our tap water sometimes tastes like wet dog….


  • Ha! Watch “Tapped”. You might never drink “bottled” again.


  • I think posting this is irresponsible. Our watershed needs protecting and there are ordinances prohibiting swimming in reservoirs. This post encourages such activity. I know I have found areas around our watershed littered with copious amount of dog poop. That get’s into the water supply with the rain. Please protect our watershed. Take the dogs on a hike but please clean up after them.


  • I’m in agreement with anonymous! There’s not a limitless supply of clean water on Cape Ann! The Goose Cove Reservoir area is disgusting with dog excrement breaking down and flowing into the water supply. ICK


  • just love your video’s lol …. loving my new place at the Heights 🙂 Sarah


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