Help Please! Headphone Recommendation

Dear GMG Readers,

I am in the midst of adding the background foley to my Black Swallowtail film, which is really fun and I love this aspect of editing, however I am completely frustrated using my husband’s headphones, which are 20 year old relics (at least 20) from his past life as a working musician.

He says I need noise-blocking headphones, which these are definitely not. Even with every window shut tight, along with the several doors leading to my office, these are still ineffectual. It is extremely uncomfortable working in front of a computer in a stuffy room for hours with no ac. If you have a spare moment, please write with your recommendation–and I would love to know why. Thank you.


  • Check out the Best Buy web site. Huge selection there should give you an idea. I used to buy Bose but alot of plastic in the newer ones and the ear cups can break off fairly easily.


  • I work in a New York recording studio and would be happy to help. Send your email address to me at and I’ll reply with what I know — too long to post in a comment. Or go to which is a very active web site with lots of knowledgeable headphone enthusiasts and post your question there – you will get replies.


  • Personally, I use Sony MDR-V6. They cost about $80. They have a nice, long, stretchable cord, replaceable ear cups, are noise cancelling, and fold for portability. The ear cups are very soft and wearable for hours at a time and the headband does not rip out hair, not that I have any! I use them with my big head and my grandson uses them with his, tiny, 4 year old head, we both love them.

    The only negative on these is, once the folding parts pinched my grandson’s hand when he tried putting them on by himself, a few tears, but not enough to stop him from using them.

    Good Luck!


  • Thank you swimdad, Bill, and normbarr for your suggestions–all great. I checked out the Sony MDR-V6 on the B&H website and they get great reviews and seem reasonably priced.


  • I really like the Shure noise-canceling earbuds I have. I had the baseline pair for a few years, and replaced them with the se115m+ when I got an iPhone a few months ago. I commute on the subway in Boston and can’t hear anything happening around me. Or my coworkers at work. Just my music. I generally take one of the buds out when I’m walking around, so I can hear traffic and stuff.

    These are earbuds, and they come with different sized buds to best fit your ear. Not everyone likes this, but I do, and these are great. The sound is good too, but my ears aren’t so finely tuned that I notice the finer nuances. I am generally more concerned that I can block out the ambient noises, and these have been great.

    Their customer service emails are returned promptly and by a human being, not a robot. They have been helpful in answering my questions. The website Bill Way mentions above is also a great overall resource.

    Good luck!!!


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