Where’s this?

Where’s this?

I was flipping through my memory banks lately and thought of Gloucester Policeman Keith Trefry. Officer Trefry was one in a million. He’s someone i’ll never forget. I  really don’t know much about him. All I know is when i was young about 12 years old and part of a neighborhood gang. Back then Gloucester “GANGS” played each other in different street sports. The worse thing that i remember was an apple fight.

Keith was always watching out for us kids back then. I remember playing street hockey at Maplewood school. Keith would stop his patrol car and wait for someone to score a goal. He then would flash his blue lights and turn on his siren.That was a big deal for us. I hope he knew how much it meant to us.

I’ll always remember his big smile.

When I came across this memorial for him a few weeks ago i thought what a great tribute to someone i knew who made a positive impact in my life.

Take Care Officer Trefry!


  • It’s on the park on the Rocky Neck causeway, opposite from the public parking lot. Wasn’t he also the Gloucester Harbormaster?


  • Your comments and tribute to Keith Trefry put a huge smile on my face. I grew up playing sports with his incredibly talented son Aaron and Officer Trefry was always around encouraging us to play hard and play fair. He was a great influence on all of us.
    BTW, I haven’t lived in Gloucester for more than 30 years, but I love keeping up with the happenings through your great GMG blog…thanks and keep up the great work!

    Jeff Brantley


  • charlie lowe took an award winning photo of him helping a guy who had been hit by a car outside mcpherson park. i don’t know how to attach images to the comment sections, but i’ll send the photo to joey to pass on to you. i remember him well. he was a class act.

    fred buck


  • He was a great guy! His family misses him dearly. He gave everyone a nickname…mine was Rosie O’Grady. What was yours?


  • Sent In By Fred Buck-

    Charles A. Lowe Archive – Family “Keith Trefry, UPI 1972”


  • Great post Paul!


  • Hi Rose,
    I was at football practice one day and while i was standing in line for a drill i got hit in the back of the head with a football. Keith made sure I was ok and then just started laughing. He couldn’t stop through the whole practice. Since that day when he saw me he would greet me with “Hey!, there’s the kid who got hit in the head with the football”. I guess that’s a pretty long nickname. 🙂


  • Good stuff :- )


  • Billy and Janet Trefry

    Thank you all so much for sharing your memories of my Dad. He truly loved the city and the people of Gloucester. This post would have certainly brought a big smile to his face.


    • Charles Reveliotty

      I worked on a lobster boat the summer of 1948.
      It was owned by Irving Trefry.
      He and his wife Pearl lived on Woonson St.
      Would he happen to be a relative of yours?
      Thanks, Charles Reveliotty


  • Officer Trefry was one of the good ones and as harbormaster did a great service to the community in many ways. His brother George was a particularly good friend to me also and did a lot of volunteer work for the American Legion. There’s no real word except thank you to both and their family has a lot to be proud of.


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