GMG Women’s Reader Poll- If You’ve Read "50 Shades" Would You Want Your Man To Be More Like Christian Grey


This is only for women who have read 50 Shades of Grey.

Comments in the comment section below this post.

You can be honest.


  • Read the trilogy – what else can I say?


  • I’m surprised there isn’t one woman that votes yes while it’s crushing the sales records country wide.


  • finally someone steps up


  • I’m too busy to read it; what does that say about me?


  • I read the book many months ago and frankly can’t remember much specifically about the character’s, although I do recall feeling turned off by the spinelessness of BOTH characters. I did not read the rest of the triolgy. It’s the sort of book you read for momentary entertainment and then immediately forget about.

    A guy friend I work with shared that although he did not read the book, his wife did, and HE thinks the book is FANTASTIC.


  • Sorry Joey – I haven’t read it, nor do I plan to. If I wanted something that steamy, I wouldn’t waste my time with a novel! LOL.


  • Clearly a divide in the results of the poll. I wonder what parts of Mr Grey women dig and don’t. Haven’t read the book but it’s certainly a hit from what I hear.


  • I’m in the middle of reading the trilogy. I wouldn’t mind it if my man had some of Christian Grey’s money, that’s for sure! The character of Christian has so much baggage from his past. That is difficult because men and women communicate so differently. I’m enjoying a good summer read.


  • I still can’t believe that these books are so popular. I feel as if I wasted 3 days of my life reading them and don’t have anything positive to say. If you liked the Twilight books, you will probably enjoy these. Same characters, same annoyingly needy and desperate relationship.


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