Breakfast with Tomato Marmalade

A while back I mentioned Alexander Thompson’s delicious tomato marmalade (I mentioned it here and here).  It might sound unexpected (I had never heard of tomato marmalade before), but tomatos are fruit, and Alexander’s recipe really works.  They served it at the opening of The Cave with cheese and crackers, which was a great combination, but it’s also good on plain old toast for breakfast!

I put it on whole wheat toast with a glass of orange juice.  Just a part of this nutritious breakfast!

You can buy it on line or, today, at the Thursday Cape Ann Farmers’ Market at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, 3-6PM under the blue tent.

He also makes the most addicting bread & butter pickles… also available on line and at the Farmer’s Market.


  • I can testify to the great taste of the tomato marmalade, as I also sampled it at The Cave grand opening. Now I’ll have to try the pickles.


  • silverimagelimited

    Many folks said they’d seen this before they came over to the tent for a taste of the good stuff! It made me feel very loved! I’m Alexander, posting here wearing my photographer’s username. Thanks GMG, and Father Matthew! We’ll see you all in another two weeks, and I’ll have a batch of Ma’s *Speechless* Fresh Mint Jelly to try as well! Cheers!


  • I bought some Tomato Marmalade at the opening of The Cave because I LOVED the sample. Then loved it so much bought another one a week later. And gave one away as a gift. GOOD STUFF Alexander, thanks for making it! Yum! PEACE!


  • Tomato jam has always been yummy on a turkey-ricotta burger grilled in the great outdoors, but it takes hours to make. Now I can try tomato marmalade!


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