Reason Number One Why I Could Never Fit In To Corporate America- Corporate Speak

You ever run into someone in the corporate or country club world and they give you the-

How are yeeeew?  Or Thank Yeeew.  If you get the corporate yeeew thrown in there you can rest assured that the person delivering the  yeeew has zero and I mean zero care about your reply.  It is because they are required to speak to you for tehir job and they are trained mentally to talk in some weird way.

The same person you run into on a personal level greets you with “hey how are ‘ya.”  And you know what?   They probably give at least a little bit of a real care about how things are going for you.

But if you run into that sideways handshake and the “How are yeeeew?” you may as well get a swift kick in the nuts because that’s about as disingenuous as it gets.  I’d rather the person come out with “Listen you jabroni, you’re keeping me from checking out the latest post on Good Morning Gloucester so can we just forgo the pleasantries and let me take care of whatever menial bullshit you’ve got for me so we can both get on with our lives?” 

Much better.

Just sayin.

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