For All You Social Media Neophytes- Listen To My Boy Ryan Pinkham- The Man Knows His Stuff

Ryan Pinkham just graduated from Northeastern with a marketing degree.  He is a local man done good and believe me when I tell you he knows his social media marketing.

Ryan is part of a group of young Gloucester adults who have restored faith in the youth of our city.  There are a group of young men and women in their early 20’s in town that I’ve been completely blown away by in the past year as to how much they have their shit together.  Educated, well dressed, well mannered, responsible hard working people that make me think that as good as it is right now in Gloucester, the best is yet to come if people like this are our future.

There seems to be a whole group of them, people like Rebecca Linquata, Erica Mitchell, Joe LaRocca, Mike Torres, Ty Rogers, Jon Vizena, Shannon McCarthy, Steven Fletcher, Lily Linquata, Austin Souza, Liv Hauck, David Brooks, Dawn Gadow,  the list goes on and on…  all really good people that have made me think that the future is really looking bright if these are our future leaders.

So follow along with Ryan’s insights in his column on marketing yourself and your business

Here’s just one excerpt and following the excerpt is a link to a feed of all his latest musings on social media marketing-

7 Things People Love More Than Being Sold To







People do not love being sold to.

Whether it’s hanging up on a telemarketer, slamming the door on a salesman, or driving their car until the wheels fall off in an effort to avoid the sales pitch at the car lot—most people don’t respond well to sell, sell, sell.

But there are things  they do love—or at least love more than being sold to. And those things can actually be used to improve your chances of making the next big sale and driving business results for your brand.

Here are seven things people love and how they can be used to get more results from your email marketing. [Read more…]

Link to follow Ryan Pinkham’s marketing column here

You can also follow him on twitter, he’s one of the more interesting people I follow on a daily basis- @RyanPinkham

Look for an upcoming interview here on these pages


  • I started reading Ryan Pikham’s blog and it’s great. I am not so “young” but I still love social media! Go young people. I agree – we are in good hands with the young people taking over.


  • Great article Ryan and thank you for sharing Joey!

    I wholeheartedly agree with Joey’s insight on the young Gloucester adults, although as the mom of one of the above mentioned young people, I may be considered slightly biased.


  • I also added David Brooks and Dawn Gadow to the list there are way way too many to list but those two also have been making huge contributions to making G Town an awesome place.


  • This is why I’m not going to our five-year reunion. Maybe I’ll try the ten-year one when I actually have accomplishments to hold up. Come on, guys, you’re making the rest of ’07 look bad.


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