Blackburn Challenge Just 7 Days Away on Saturday, July 14

And Registration ends tonight, Saturday, July 7 at midnight.

So click here to register now!

Click here for a map of the course.  Look familiar? That’s because it’s Cape Ann. All you have to do is get into your watercraft with an oar or paddle at Gloucester High School and paddle over to the Greasy Pole but go the long way around Cape Ann. You’ll have lots of company (304 already signed up) and cold beer and a pulled pork sandwich awaits you at Pavilion Beach.

Cape Ann Rowing Club Website


  • Are you ready? Is RD’s GPS all set? Is Ed going with this year? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • I’m ready, just did a practice run off Andrews in my surf kayak. A slow pig so it’s like swinging a leaded bat. RD is ready. I’ll be mounting her this afternoon. To the kayak. Because I am going for time this year I have tested RD wind resistance and she seems to cut through the air with her duck butt pointing forward. It will also give me something to talk to instead of staring at a duck ass the whole day.

      Ed is not going to be going this year. I thought there was a whole pod of people who talked a big talk but when it comes time to hitting submit I think Cape Ann grows in size as they think of it. Ed said, he did it and he is resting on his laurels or something like that.

      The Rubber Duck GPS. Just asked around and supposedly Endomondo is a good one for public website tracking. If anyone else has a better idea. I have an iPhone and I want the track to show up on a web available page to post on GMG.


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