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GMG Will Be Representing At The Sidewalk Bazaar With Mason Jar Drinking Glasses, DVD’s, GMG T Shirts, and Some Of My Favorite Photos Bedazzled

Sista Felicia, Beasley Amanda and The Mrs will be manning the GMG Booth at The Bazaar (So happy they brought back the bazaar name from “Sidewalk Days). There will be those Cool Mason Jar Recepticals Produced by Sista Felicia and … Continue reading

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By George its Breakfast!!!!!!!!

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City Hall Restoration photos taken 07-30-12

Copy and photos from Maggie Rosa Today, on a beautiful summer’s morning, members of the City Hall Restoration Phase II Building Committee took to the staging to review the ongoing restoration. We were impressed by what has been achieved recently. … Continue reading

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Move Over Or….

Thanks Dan Goldthwait  for Da Sticka Dan writes- I just read the bicycle rant and plan on mailing you the sticker I had made for my car.  I live in southern California but was born and raised on the Maine … Continue reading

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Lisa Freed Represents!

Niles now rides with me…. He may come meet Homey one day. Lisa Joey Edit: The question I have is how exactly Niles got his name? Was there an illicit sexual encounter on Niles Beach which led to the demon … Continue reading

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Two Cable shows feature new music tomorrow (Wednesday)

Two excellent shows premiere tomorrow (Wednesday) on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  At 6:30pm, Allen Estes welcomes his family for a special, very lively Local Music Seen that’s sort of like a peek into the family living room. Then at … Continue reading

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Lobster Cove

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Little Riley

Little Riley, such a big girl sitting up

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Gloucester Angels – EJ Gets Rescued and Gets Her Wings

I got lost on my walk this morning.  I am directionally challenged, so normally walk one of 3 established routes.  I had taken the longer walking route up Mt. Pleasant Ave to Moreland to Atlantic to Brace Cove and up … Continue reading

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Those that go down at sea leave family behind

The recent inscribed names are more than just names..

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Dutchman’s Pipevine Photo from 1915

Look what Fred Bodin from Bodin Historic Photo shared! Julia Lane, later Julia Wheeler, posed for Alice M. Curtis on August 12th, 1915, in Gloucester. Fred read my post about Dutchman’s Pipevine and Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies titled Plant, and They … Continue reading

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GMG Stats Monday July 30, 2012 49,505 Views and Top Ten Posts Of The Day


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Joshua Nelson aka "The Prince of Kosher Gospel" this Friday, August 3rd at 7 pm.

Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St., Gloucester) is hosting a Musical Shabbat with a special guest Joshua Nelson aka "The Prince of Kosher Gospel" this Friday, August 3rd at 7 pm. This event is free and all faiths are welcome … Continue reading

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Harbor Loop Concert Series ~ Thursday August 2nd 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Musician/Band Simply Said is a party rock band based in Gloucester, MA performing originals and covers including songs by J. Geils, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and more… Simply Said: Scott Parisi – Vocals, Guitar Len Palazola – Bass, Vocals Rick … Continue reading

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Cape Ann Talent Will Be In Full Force at The Weekend’s Festival By The Sea

This Saturday’s Festival By The Sea is expected to draw crowds of visitors excited to experience the best of the Cape Ann art, music, and food scenes in downtown Manchester by the Sea. With art and food vendors extending from … Continue reading

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All this talk about music lately…………..

All this talk about music lately………….. Thanks too Peter and Vickie all this talk about the local music scene had me thinking about all the concerts I’ve been to. Aerosmith in 1979 at the old Garden is a one I … Continue reading

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Ben Macadam’s paintings at Alchemy

At the grand opening for “The Hive”, I found my self seated next to Ben Macadam, one of our up-and-coming Gloucester artists. He mentioned that he has work on display at Alchemy (3 Duncan Street) for a little while yet (until … Continue reading

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Friends of Rockport Athletics will be hosting a comedy aboard the Hurricane ll

Hi Joey Friends of Rockport Athletics will be hosting a comedy aboard the Hurricane ll, wondering if this could this go in any day next week, maybe Tues or wed? Thanks so much Julie Douglass

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Here’s Your Move Regarding Teeth Whitening

I drink coffee.  Lots of coffee. How to keep the pearly whites staying pearly white after drinking all that coffee?  No need to get expensive dentistry teeth whitening treatments.  That’s for suckas.  Floss, use Arm and Hammer Advanced White toothpaste … Continue reading

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Community Photos 7/31/12

Lobster Pool Restaurant Sunset,Campfire & Smores, Great! From Anthony Marks

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Ten Days Of July 2012 Downtown Gloucester Block Party Faces From David Cox Day 3

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Community Stuff 7/31/12

Satch Kerans Band Plays For Project Sunshine Some of my best memories were listening to Satch Kerans as lead singer of The Catalinas at The Kaloust house for our 3rd of July Bash’s we used to have. Satch’s new band … Continue reading

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Crazy Fiesta Hat Ladies go to the Lowell Folk Festival

Amy Clayton writes- Hey Joey,     My sister Robyn and I just came from a weekend at the Lowell Folk Festival sharing our crazy Fiesta hats. We were invited by the curator of festival. The theme of the festival was … Continue reading

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Is The Cost Of A Private College Education A Scam? Discuss…

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How many of you know the significance of this picture.

Where it all began back on April 2, 2012- Poll- New Gallery Wall At The House. Posted on April 2, 2012 by Joey C The Mrs just put up this great wall of frames. Over/under on the time before any … Continue reading

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