You’re not one of those people who avoids Fiesta are you?

OK, I said it.  It’s the elephant in the room.  We actually have friends who look at us like we’re mental patients when we say we LOVE FIESTA!  There are only a few places on Earth where the whole city parties and invites tens of thousands of other people to join in.  Rio and New Orleans come to mind.  Not bad company for Gloucester to be in, is it?  Just look at this video from last year:

The guys who didn’t get the pole aren’t cursing the winner.  They’re cheering him and carrying him on their shoulders out of the water and up the street.  That’s the spirit I’m talking about!  A little more of this spirit on a daily basis would make all our lives better.

Plus there’s live music all over town (see full live music schedule here) and nearly everybody you run into is in a great mood for days at a time.  So let’s have some fun, OK?

About Vickie & Peter

Vickie grew up in Iowa. Lived in Silicon Valley & NYC. Peter has lived all over (NJ, NY, CH, IN, CA, MA, etc.) We chose to live and raise our family in Gloucester. Owners of & Van Ness Group. Producers of gimmeLIVE concerts.
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3 Responses to You’re not one of those people who avoids Fiesta are you?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oy, I see myself here! After growing up near the fort and having Fiesta in my Blood for over 40 years, I find myself avoiding it. It’s true, but it has changed. I hate all the games (preferred it when gambling wasn’t permitted). It is now to crowded and I am, I guess, like your friends, turning into an Old Fart. EEE….Gahds! I’d better head to the Fiesta this year, I ain’t ready for Old Fartdom!

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