CHRONICLE!!!! Does Gloucester. Producer Maggie Harper Writes-

Maggie Harper writes-

Hey Joey……

Just wanted to let you know that as of this moment, the Chronicle show on Gloucester is scheduled for Monday July 9th. So let you vast followers know — with the proviso it could be later, if news events warrant.

It was great to meet you — have a great Fiesta this weekend!!!!!!

..Maggie H.

Maggie Harper / Producer, CHRONICLE



  • Gloucester’s Stacey “Boulevard”

    By Peter Albert Todd

    The long stretched walk from end to end
    Its memorial stones to pay homage to Gloucester’s past
    A silent moment to my being it sends
    The historic scene to my pen now cast
    In the harbor anchored Lobstermen at their task
    So they can feed and nurture their young
    All they ask is for a good catch today
    This beautiful scene of Gloucester beneath God’s sun
    The rippling of the oceans wave
    Now disturbed by the speedboats cutting their way
    Nature’s seagulls with their own natural sound gave
    Truly the divine work of our Creator one could say
    Ten Pound Island with God’s creatures giving flight
    With the Breakwater protecting Gloucester’s shores
    The Fisherman’s statue who oversees days and nights
    This our beloved Gloucester , visitors travel from afar to
    Tablets representing the thousands of lives
    Loved ones gathered to witness with pride
    The statue of the Fisherman and now of The Fishermen’s wives
    On our beautiful boulevard where we honor those who have died


  • The Captain at the Wheel
    By Peter A. Todd 04/23/2010

    Taking watch of harbor through days and nights
    With his hands firmly gripping at the wheel
    Our statue of yesteryear and today
    With his eyes fixed like hardened steel
    Many seasons and storms have passed him by
    Since the Captain was dedicated by our shore
    Through raging winds and sunlit skies
    The Captain has done his faithful chore
    The sands of time that has ebbed and flowed
    In circling our great statue of the sea
    Like the many stories of Fishermen of old
    Our Captain sets the spirit within us free
    The inscription etched below his feet
    So treasured to the Fishermen in many ways
    When the Sands of Time are stilled we’ll meet
    Those we have lost now raised by God
    From the oceans grave


  • The Fisherman’s Wife

    By Peter A. Todd 07/07/2009

    With the bright ray of sunshine on her back
    She searches and waits at the harbors edge
    For the return of her Captain and his Fishermen
    Who have chosen this hard life she dreads
    With one child tugging excitedly at her side
    The baby clinging tightly to her neck
    The mother standing tall searching in pride
    For the Captain and his crew stationed on ships deck
    Days turn into nights as they return to their homes
    The wife now searching the stars on widows walk
    Praying to Saint Peter not to be left alone
    That her Captains boat would soon dock
    This scene a repeated nightly mirrored reflection
    Of the Fishermen’s heritage back then and now
    Men who have lived out their craft with dedication
    Of working the seas to fill the boats to the bow


  • The Fisherman’s Wife
    10th.Anniversary of Faith

    Written by Peter A. Todd 08/05/2011

    In our gathering of endless hope and love
    We celebrate Gloucester’s Symbol of Faith
    The Fisherman’s wife who reflects the spirit above
    That rest in the promise of Jesus for all that await
    Our symbol crafted by a woman’s hand
    That has captured the heart and soul of us all
    As people cross through American and Foreign land
    To experience the heritage that her stature recalls
    That of the many Families who have lost to the sea
    Their Loved ones for whose sacrifice we have survived
    It is in this our symbol of Faith that sets our spirits free
    To continue to keep the memories of those we lost alive
    We pay tribute to St. Peter, Patron Saint of the sea
    Just as we honor the Captain’s at ships wheel
    It is our symbol of the Fishermen’s wife’s
    That the true reality of Gloucester’s heritage is revealed


  • Hey Joey:

    Please forgive me but this is my way of contributing in the pages of Gloucter’s book of time. I have written over 500 poems in my life time as well as numberless My View Columns . I know that many will probably disapear , so this is my way of saving some . I love what you do for our people and how you repect Family Heritage. I myself cannot afford to publish my writings but maybe somebody might try and record my writings on or I know it will be somewhat repeated because of my short term memory. but just maybe a little can be saved for prosperity. I’m also dealing with three types of Cancer as well as heart issues. So thats it I hope that I am not imposing on your site. I again thank you for the love and dedication you and Good Morning Gloucester Staff have blessed our city with. I will go down in history as being on City Hall Stage with John Ronan , Vincent Farrini . I will also hopefully be recorded as bieng inches close to being the Poet Lauriett. I mean after all I was born fifty feet in my grandmothers spare room from the Cedar Street Tracks. Sorry for the rambling .


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