Aaron Neville says he’ll play songs from his new album (produced by Keith Richards) on Saturday

Aaron Neville – Don Was – Keith Richards

Check out this Aaron Neville interview with Aurelia Nelson on Northshore 104.9.  Aaron says he will perform many of his Grammy nominated hits in multiple genres, including standards, pop, soul, R&B, jazz and even some doo-wop from his new album (due out this fall) produced by Keith Richards (who also plays guitar on the album) and legendary producer Don Was, president of Blue Note Records, on which the album will be released.

Aaron also talks about his love of music, 50 years of writing and performing and how technology is changing the process of mixing and producing his new album.

When asked how he decides what songs to perform he says, “The voice is a connection between hearts … I just want to connect with the people there listening … ”  VIP tickets for Saturday’s concert are sold out, but good seats are still available.  Get tickets here.

Fiesta and Rockport Chamber Music Festival ought to be enough excitement for one week, but in addition to that, we’ve got 42 more artists in 18 venues, including a schooner!  See the full live music lineup here.

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