Pier Tag & Diving with Zip Line Kid @ Magnolia Pier

Pre-K to college kids to grandpa.  Everybody jumps off Magnolia pier. In this video, we catch part of a game of Pier Tag, followed by some aerial acrobatics and the Zip Line Kid’s first jump off the railing.  Given the ages of some of these kids (and adults) you could say they’ve got at least as much skill and daring as the greasy pole walkers!

It’s a beautiful summer Sunday with over a dozen live music choices on Cape Ann (see full live music lineup here).  Since the weather is soooooo good, consider the Celtic Music Sunset Sail with Michael O’Leary aboard the Schooner Lannon.  Truly acoustic–no mics, no amps, no power except the wind in the sails and the power of great songs and excellent musicianship to move your soul.


  • Marcia Moran Janes

    Magnolia kids never change. We all jumped, too, in the l950’s,,,Elaine, Nancy, Jan, Janie, Marianne, Tim, Jim, Joey, Johnny, Pat, Sunny. Everyone survived!


  • Yep… That could be us EXCEPT that back in the 50’s, we NEVER had gaps in the railing to jump or dive directly from the pier. If you went off, it HAD to be from the top of a piling or the top railing.

    Also, I don’t EVER remember anyone ever JUMPING from the top of the railing. ONLY those brave enough to DIVE went off the railing and you could count THEM on the fingers of one hand.



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