Thursday night sunset sail on the Schooner Ardelle ~ music 6/21/12

Hi friends, artists, gardeners and Honky Tonk Women fans…..
If you enjoy sailing out on the water…..
A new music, sunset cruise is being offered by Harold Burnham of the Schooner Ardelle
beginning Thursday, June 21st from 5:30 to 8:30. The Everly Sisters (Sheila Schrank & Elaine Persons)along
with Mr. Ron Schrank on guitar and Mr. Barry O’Brien on mandolin will be joining us.
It promises to be a very, very hot night so the water will be a beautiful place especially
at sunset.   Beer and wine, snacks, are available. Bring your own flask !
If you are interested, join us at the dock at 5:45 pm behind the Maritime
Gloucester / Heritage Center (next dock over from the Gloucester harbormaster) off Harbor Loop.
to purchase a ticket (trunnel) and come sail with us.
I believe if you are a museum member there is a substantial discount, as well as students, seniors,
children, etc.   More information is available at: (special for the Schooner Ardelle)
You can even call Ron & I if you want to reserve a space last minute 281-3451(before 5pm).
Looking forward to a nice sail tomorrow.
Sheila & Ron Schrank
Capt. Harold Burnham will be onboard, now an internationally known shipbuilder from Essex.
He built the Schooners Thomas E. Lannon, and several others gracing the Gloucester waterfront.
Just sayin’……
More news from The Everly Sisters,
More news,
The Everly Sisters are also playing at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse this Saturday, June 23 at 7:30 pm.    Doors open at 7 
The Everly Brothers harmonies are our specialty, but we play many popular styles and only the # 1,
classic hits, so you will know just about every melody.  SHOW starts at 7:30 as we are opening for KBMG,
Dan King and his notorious boys are on next – and they are awesome.  THey all have played with many
 famous artists too numerous to mention.   Donations are taken at the door & reservations can be made
 via phone .    It’s a Coffeehouse, so save room for dessert for $1.00.
LOOK at this   !!!
We’ll be singing aboard this Schooner Ardelle this Thursday night (the 21st) for their new sunset cruise series!
Mr. Ron Schrank and Mr. Barry O’Brien will be joining us on guitar and mandolin.
 I’m very surprised at this new special price too.  We should let your friends know that with the warm weather
coming, Thursday night will be perfect for sailing.   See you Thursday at Maritime Gloucester dock.
Bye for now,   Sheila
Check out this deal from TravelZoo too!

What a deal.

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