Good Egg Report From Terry Weber and a Lost Wallet Poll

Terry Weber writes-

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to send a “shout out” to a security guard at the Addison Gilbert Hospital. I don’t know his name but he turned in my wallet which I had left there on Tuesday. He was an older gentleman and friendly. I am very grateful. Some might think it’s not big deal or that’s his job, but not everyone does their job. My wallet didn’t have a lot of cash in it, but replacing credit cards and my license would have been a pain.  Thank you! A ‘little’ deed means a lot.


Terry also suggested I run a poll with thisand although I unquestionably would return the wallet I doubt anyone scummy enough to not return it would bother answering that they wouldn’t on the poll  so my guess it would be skewed.


  • Occasionally, customers leave purses, credit cards, keys, or shopping bags in my gallery. I put the item(s) in a secure place and wait about an hour, because they may be retracing their footsteps to find what they lost. Next, I call the Gloucester Police to report the lost item (I don’t check the contents). They are the city’s only 24/7 lost and found. After one such call they sent a cruiser down Main Street, I walked outside and handed the officer the forgotten purse thru the passenger window, and the officer thanked me and drove on. The woman recovered her purse and called me to say thanks. Credit cards are a different story. A left behind card could be my fault or not, and what I do is call the card issuer for instructions, and they usually have me shred the card. Honesty is always the best policy.


  • Hate to say it, but if I were to be totally honest, I would not return a wallet with a large sum of money in it. I would return one with only small sums of cash. I guess morality has a price tag, at least for me.


  • A few years ago we were visiting Maine and staying at a campsite/cottage place. Around 11:30 PM one night, I needed to make a call and the cell phone was not in range. The office at the campsite had a payphone outside. When I walked up to the phone, I noticed a wallet sitting on the top of it. Nobody was around and the office was closed (actually the whole town closes up at 9:00 PM so …). I made my call and grabbed the wallet. It had a lot of cash in it (I didn’t count it) and was obviously owned by a retiree from Florida who knew he would not be near an ATM anytime soon. Not wanting to go ‘knock’ on doors at that time of night, I brought the wallet to our cottage and wrote a note saying “If you lost something here, leave a message at [my cell phone number”. In the morning, I called for messages and nothing. I stopped in the campsite office and asked if they could tell me where the person’s campsite was. I didn’t want to leave the wallet with the campsite office, I wanted to make sure it got returned intact. So around 8:00 AM, I knock on an R/V … the owner of the wallet puts down his newspaper and comes to the door. I say “John Doe?” yes, “Here’s your wallet!”. The look on his face was priceless. He had not yet figured out it was missing. He goes to give me some reward but we refuse and say our goodbyes and head out.

    2 months later, I get a call out of the blue on my cell phone. The person reads off my name, address, place of employment and other stats. (I’m thinking WTF?) It was the owner of the wallet who apparently went back to the payphone and found my note which was hastily written on an envelope with my employer’s return address. He tracked me down and needed to confirm my home address for that giant box of Florida citrus he was mailing to me. Good Karma.


  • Sorry if this is a repeat, I can’t seem to get my comment to go through. Just saying that maybe the best way to get someone to watch over their wallet carefully is to never return it. Lesson hopefully learned! Is that too harsh?


  • My lost wallet was returned to me, annon thru Mr. Pierpont, when I was a sophomore at St. Peter’s High School. (Fuller School). He even took time to explain the situation how I was lucky to get it back. He also related, since he found a picture of her in my wallet, my chances of getting a date with Adrianne Barbeau were slim. Ever since I do return things I find. Except, as Fred mentioned, credit cards in the store.


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