Gloucester Family roots? Arnold, Arundel, Alcot, Curley, Olcut

Rich Bean writes-

Hello Fellow Friends of the Blog! 

After moving here last year, I discovered I have family roots here.  My Mom has been doing some research and the folks at the archives at City hall are amazing.  I thought I’d also give a try here and see if anybody thinks they are related.  I know there are a lot of great resources connected to this blog.  Thanks for the time and positive thoughts!


Rich Bean,

Hugh Curley
Mary Alcott

Daughter: Nellie M Curley   1871 (Gloucester)  – 1948, Married Michael Foley in 1894, split at some point, not sure how.  Married Robert Arundel (when?), Moved to Lynn, had 2 kids,  Moved to Somerville, Buried in Gloucester.

Joseph Arundel
Mary Olcut
Son: Robert J. Arundel  1863   -  1948  Married Nellie Curley (when?), Moved to Lynn, had Two Kids, Moved to Somerville. Buried in Gloucester.

Robert J. Arundel
Nellie M Arundel
Born in Gloucester, Lived in Lynn at some point, then Somerville. Two Kids. Helen Arnold   1906 -  2001,  Robert Arnold ? – ?

There was a name change of Arundel to Arnold.  We dont know why.
Helen had 9 kids and over 35 grandkids, including me. :- )  Thanks to all the names above I am breathing and writing this email :- )

One comment

  • I have been trying to figure this mystery too. Robert Arnold is my grandfather. Please get back to me with any information. Thanks!


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