• Laurel Tarantino

    I never did care for these cups or Styrofoam cups, you so often find at large gatherings, my solution has been to grab a fun Glass at a Yard Sale for a quarter or fifty cents. When I’m invited to a party, I grab my glass and whatever dish I’m bringing. I always know which glass is mine, and if I leave it behind, I’m only out short change. When we have gatherings, I offer up several different glasses, you might grab an emerald green goblet or a steel margareitta vessel, either way, you’ll know it’s yours.


    • Great idea Laurel. At Second Glance they have complete sets of really cool old school glassware for next to nothing, and the money goes to a great cause.


      • Laurel Tarantino

        Recycling at it’s best! Just came from there, one light switch plate, still in the wrapper, fifty cents, lovely blouse, original tags intact $5.00, waited on by a staff of wonderful volunteers, Priceless!


        • Yeah Laurel for encouraging all to recycle, re-use. It’s one of he best ways to hopefully save our planet for our grand children. Thank you thank you~!!!!
          Cynthia Kennedy Sam – Annisquam


  • I call Shenanigans. Snopes says false. http://www.snopes.com/food/prepare/solocups.asp

    Why would the liquor line be 1 ounce when the common liquor measurement is a jigger which is 1.5 ounces?

    -signed, Party Pooper.


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