Feelin Good About My Diet and Workouts at The MAC

With the clean diet and workouts at the MAC I’m at the weight goal that I set for myself.  I also have more endurance and am stronger.

It feels great.  Not good, great.  I remember when I was younger and made working out a priority and was in the best shape of my life.  I remember saying to myself “I don’t ever not want to work out because I feel so great right now”.

But then life gets busy, you suffer an injury, you get off track and stop for one reason or another.  You forget how good you felt when you were working out and you get all lumpy like I did.  So whatever it takes to get yourself back on track, find that within yourself and like the Nike commercial says- “Just Do it!”

I promise you will be glad you did.  I want my GMG readers to be the sexiest, most fit bunch of MoFos on the planet.  Join me in my quest to rediscover what it was like when you felt the best about yourself through making a few modifications to your diet and some exercise.


This summer Manchester Athletic Club is embracing the spirit of the Olympics. Throughout history our most elite athletes have come together and accomplished amazing things. Although we are not all athletes at heart, we can all embrace this spirit and let it guide us through our own path. It starts with setting goals, strategizing, receiving coaching along the way and extreme determination. Let us push ourselves to our limits both physically and mentally. Let the professionals at MAC help you.

MAC is challenging you to MACtivate your own Olympic Spirit. Do you want to look better, feel better, or compete better? Do you want to achieve all three? MAC will help you achieve.

Contact one of our Membership Representatives today at 978-526-8900 Ext 2, to start your own athletic journey. Share your story. Discover the Olympic Spirit inside of you at MAC.

Check out our video at http://youtu.be/p9Jw9_rv7K4

Or visit our website at www.manchesterathleticclub.com

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  • Woo hooo!!!! Thank you, thank you for this information about this club. I am going to inquire about membership… I have been looking around for a club like Bally’s I belonged to that had a pool and was nearby Because the Bally’s clubs around here are way too far out now vs when I was nearer to one back in San Diego, CA ! I appreciate this.. Sarah


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