Minglewood Tavern Really Is Great

They are really hitting it on all cylinders with great specials every night of the week, a great drink menu, one of my favorites on a hot day is a cranberry margarita concoction that one of the best bartenders in town Brian Eastman makes-


The wood fired pizzas are excellent-


and the best salad in town the blackened chicken cobb, just bursting with flavor-


Kid friendly too-


Brian Eastman forwarded me this story about why we love crispy stuff in reference to my soggy French fry rant (Minglewood also has outstanding crispy on the outside/fluffy on the inside hand cut French fries)


Why Humans Are Crazy for Crispy


  • I was wishing for good hot French Fries today. Got a small order at the Cupboard today. Brought them to the State Fish Pier and watched Tuna.com head in and get a load of bait. Awesome hot and salty crispy regular fries. $2.00 for a small order of hot french fries. Can’t be beat. I guess I’ll have to try the others. But they’ll have to beat these awesome fries!


  • Well, Joey, you are doing a good job picking our restaurants when we hit Gloucester the middle of July. Keep those pictures coming. Thank you! GOOD MORNING MILFORD is going great, your inspiration is contagious and teaching us all to appreciate the best of where we live. But we do miss Gloucester when we are away.


  • Ya gotta love Eastman……he’s a great guy and very unassuming. As you said he is also a great bartender!


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