Herbert George (H.G.) Wells Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."
Herbert George (H.G.) Wells (1866-1946)


Born in the county of Kent in England, Welles is primarily known for his speculative fiction successes, The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine, although he wrote novels in other genres and a great deal of non-fiction history. His early training as a biologist is reflected in the Darwinian nature of many of his plot lines, though he was a prominent member of the socialist Fabian Society. A controversial figure in English literary circles, Welles supported eugenics and spoke against Zionism until his horror at the actions of the Nazis caused him to reverse both stands. He had several lovers of note, including early contraception proponent Margaret Sanger and Rebecca Sackville-West, with whom he fathered a son, Anthony. Welles was the founder of an organization to promote better industrial design in Britain, as well as another to combat diabetes, from which he suffered. Along with Hugo Gernsback and Jules Verne he is often called  “The Father of Science Fiction.” It is reported that he wished his epitaph to read “I told you so, you damned fools,” but he was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea.

Greg Bover

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