Kayaking and Fishing now possible.

Ever since I went kayaking with Adam Bolonsky and he caught a pretty large bluefish I have been reticent about fishing out of a kayak. It took him quite some time to make sure the sharp toothed fish was dead as could be and he could put it in his boat. Adam is a bit more comfortable in a kayak than I am. What if after getting the fish along side and bleeding she struggles and you flip your kayak? You are then in bloody seas with a really angry blue who also likely has friends who want to do a little feeding frenzy.  Um, no. I cannot walk on water though I might try in this case.

But this week I saw a Boga 30 fishing tool, some call them lippers, for sale. 30 bucks off. Cool, I got it and tried it out with some stripers this morning. I think it is my new favorite tool. With the undersized stripers it was a cinch to gently hold the fish and take the hook out and release. This one yard long fish I kept for dinner. Although the boga can weigh the fish I forgot to write it down. We caught the limit and were back before breakfast.

I’ve smoked bluefish but never striper. I just downloaded a smoked stripe bass recipe and will try it out and hopefully bring some results to next week’s GMG Mug Up on Sunday.

 Now I will see if I can do this from a smaller boat. In the kayak I’ll tie it to the boat or attach a lobster buoy. Don’t want to lose it.

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