Big Assed Ducks?

Heads Up!! New Kids On The Block

In the pond across from Pebble Beach

What are these things? Geese? Swans? Big assed Ducks? Or what?


  • So sweet to see. Thank you for sharing Paul!!


  • Im not sure what they are but I like Big Ass Ducks……LOL


  • wonder if the same graceful swans come each year? usually a couple with the male guarding the female and younguns. . . . glad the cygnets didn’t get eaten by the turtles that hang out there waiting for them to be born . . . . thx for the photos!


  • Looks like training day. Teaching the lill’ens how to forage.


  • What great shots. So sweet! Paul Morrison is the expert on ducks, big assed and otherwise – surprised he didn’t comment.


  • OK, I’ve been called out. Funny looking big ass ducks you got there. I grew up in Woods Hole and I heard a story about the game warden of Falmouth. Geese get nasty when crowded and he only wanted two swans per salt pond throughout town. To do that he would sneak out to the nest and shake the eggs (scrambled) and put them back. If a swan went missing or was growing old he left some eggs unscrambled for replacement.

    Not sure if the story was true (but each salt pond only had two ensting swans) or not but it looks like you do not scramble them around here.


    • Better he take them, scramble them and cook and eat them than leave them for the poor mother swan to sit on waiting in vain for them to hatch.


  • We’ve been noticing a flock of about a dozen adult swans in Joppa Flats (Merrimack River, Newburyport) this spring. First time I remember seeing swans there. It’s a swan-a-palooza!


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