Alright, who’s the joker that left this for me at the dock?

I’m doing a little clean up around my desk on my last day at work before vacation and I find this bag containing some hair club for men bullshit!

Very funny, verrrry funny.  When I find out who is responsible for this just remember that the big boss man has final editorial control over this here blog.  You wanna mess with me? 

It’s bad enough living with this male pattern baldness without having to be reminded of it with not-so-subtle hints of cheapo “thicker, healthier looking hair” products being left around your workspace. 

Oh the humanity.



  • I didn’t know there was a jungle up there !


  • LOL!!!!!!!


  • AHHH AHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!!! I just about shit when I saw this! lol HAHA Joey – I’m sorry I’m laughing at your expense but that’s hilarious that people just leave random shit like this at your dock!


  • Dude; lets try it. I will if you will…..LOL


  • I feel like I need to start leaving random stuff there….last year Kurt left a massive, orange, long liner buoy that we found at our place. I think he propped it against your sign. Your welcome for our junk. 🙂


  • I’m not only the president…I’m a member.


  • There is nothing negative about being BALD !!! Be Proud, Be A Man.


  • My motto is ‘Bald and fat is where its at”…………LOL


  • I have Lupus etc, and my brush is like a magnet to my hair,I now know what that feels like. No matter how much hair we have or don’t have,who cares. It is the spirit and great personality and great blog like yours that makes a person,not the hair. And no offence,but the person is blind,you have hair on your head more then don’t have hair on your head. My dad had beautiful hair that surrounded his sun burned spot,and he was absolutely gorgeous. You keep people in the loop when they are too sick to go out and enjoy the world. Thanks Joey for this blog. I love it and can smell the salt air from here.


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