Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine! a call to Artists

Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine!

A call to Artists!

Deb Clarke shares her paint box with us. If there are any painters out there that would like to share their Paint box photos with us please email with a Photo and info like Deb has done. Also include anything you’d like to share. Such as; Your website, facebook page, exhibits etc. Email me at

From Deb Clarke;


“This was my father’s french easel, now it is mine. it was pristine when i got it a few years ago, now it is broken in.

my colors:
cad yellow light
cad yellow medium
lemon yellow
yellow ochre
burnt sienna
grumbacher red (napthol red)
alizarin crimson
pthalo green
winsor blue (pthalo blue)
cadmium blue
ultramarine blue
grumbacher pre-test white original (titanium)

a few big brushes, mostly flats, a few rounds, maybe a filbert or two”.

Deb Clarke

Deb’s Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=1582751786

One comment

  • WHAT? no black? no brown? how will i make gray? how will i make brown? what color is brown? the only brown i know is a deep rusty yellow eyeliner. what color is brown? is it warm? is it cool? and what are the virtues of ivory black over mars black? is there really a mars black? really looking forward to seeing other artist’s boxes.


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