Morphine Front Man in Gloucester with T Max & Deb Hardy next Saturday

Remember Morhpine?  Not the drug, the band, led by Mark Sandman, who died on stage of a heart attack in Italy in 1999.

Mark’s friends are carrying on and have started a music education project that does excellent work.  They’ve also got an excellent band fronted by Jeremy Lyons, who sounds enough like Mark Sandman that if you close your eyes, you just can’t tell the difference.  They were gracious enough to headline the first gimmesound GiveBack benefit for the Mark Sandman Music Project at TT’s in Cambridge (check out a very entertaining article about that concert — and Mark Sandman here).   See a video of Jeremy and his band below (Jeremy is at the end of the video)

And if bringing Jeremy to Gloucester isn’t enough, T Max, founder and editor of The Noise, has added Gloucester singer/songwriter Deb Hardy to the bill along with himself (and he’s always super entertaining).  Here’s what he says about next Saturday:

JEREMY LYONS – American Roots from New Orleans to New England

“You sure can sing dem notes on dat GIT-tar!”
—Dr. John

Jeremy Lyons, versatile performer, slide guitarist, singer and songwriter, plays in and with American music traditions. After his home was washed away by Hurricane Katrina (chronicled in the song “Hurricane”), he moved up North but left a good chunk of his heart in New Orleans. His repertoire is deep enough that he could easily play an entire evening of 1) folk and blues traditional songs; 2) all original material; or 3) driving rock-tinged grooves. Though most often in his solo shows you hear an intriguing mixture of styles that add up to the best of roots music.

Deb Hardy is a singer songwriter from Gloucester whose songs reflect the drama, beauty and serenity of this ocean harbor community. Her style of singing and guitar playing is rhythmic, expressive and powerful, with influences of Kate Bush, Yes, and Led Zeppelin.
In 2005 Hardy released the full length CD, Done By Water, which includes recordings of the Transmissions, the Deb Hardy Band, as well as her live solo performances from Club Passim. Deb has recently been recording with John Hicks.
T Max recently released his third solo CD, Shake, an environmental tale with a score written, produced, and played completely by T Max. He is also known for founding Boston Rock Opera, doing one-man performances of Why Do We Go to War? and producing Boston Rock ‘n’ Roll Trading Cards. His publication, the Noise, is the longest running music magazine in New England.

One comment

  • Good luck with this event! Wish I could be there as I was a huge fan of Mark Sandman’s and Morphine (the band not the drug).


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