Wood and Steel

Wood and Steel

The Phyllis A is scheduled to be hauled out On may 2nd

Click The Links Below For More Information.

Click here for the Phyllis A Facebook Page

Click here for the Phyllis A website



  • Thanks for posting those pictures, Paul. The Phyllis A. is a great old vessel with loads of local history. The Arnold Family and the Phyllis A. Marine Assn. has great plans for her future as a floating museum of Gloucester maritime history focused on gillnetting in particular. Like Capt. Albert Arnold who pioneered the move, my grandfather, Capt. John A. Dahlmer was one of the original Michigan Bears who brought gillnetting to Gloucester in 1909-1910. The restoration of the Phyllis A deserves support from every one who wants to see the city’s fishing history maintained.


  • Thanks for the pictures of the Phyllis A. Paul. She is a fine old vessel with a great future ahead of her teaching the “old ways” of fishing. Built by Capt. Albert Arnold and sailed by he and his son’s, the Phyllis A. has long been a familiar sight on the harbor. Captain Arnold lead the first fishermen from Michigan to pioneer gillnetting in Gloucester 1909. My grandfather, Capt. John A. Dahlmer brought his boats, Margaret D and Rough Rider east in 1910 to join the Arnolds and other Michigan Bear families including the Tysvers, Shoares, Genet, Weidermans Lasleys and others. I hope everyone who cares about preserving Gloucester’s fishing heritage will support the effort to create a living, floating museum of the Phyllis A.


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