about to go VIRAL!

Catch this video now before it goes viral on Youtube.

I took this video when I brought Blaze out for a run in our yard. I didn’t See the Turkey at first, when I did I ran inside and got my camera. I just got the camera up to my eye when Blaze spotted the Turkey. Luckily for the Turkey he can fly just like EJ said they could. This Video got two thumbs up from Professional Videographer Ed Collard. Eat your Heart out Craig Kimberly!

The Video:

The Bird:



  • Don’t you have a pellet gun? 1 shot to that birds head and it would of been on your table for suppa.


  • If I figured out which little splotch of white is Blaze then I think she is doing what my dog does when she chases a turkey. She does not move very fast for fear of getting too close to the turkey.

    Like when a dog walker walks by and Stella is in the window. She does nothing until they have already gone by then she barks, “you keep leaving my yard”. Because if the dog turns around and comes back she shuts right up.


    • I wish she was like your dog. Blaze has no fear of other dogs or any other animals that pass thru our yard. But she loves people. As soon as she spotted the turkey she was off like a shot. Luckily the turkey took off just in time. She’s pretty fast for a 10 year old Jack.
      Blaze is the white splotch on the upper left.


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