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  • I was born in Gloucester 01/10/1943. I was born in my grandmothers spare room at 12 Cedar St , about 100 or so feet away from the Railroad tracks my Dad used to work. I started writing in 1976 after my wife and I put the lights out in a Hit & Run accident in Rockport. That poem was published Nationwide by M.A.D.D . I was given the title of Unofficial Poet of Gloucester many years ago by Senator Bruce Tarr. I offer the following . It is one of my 800 poems I have written.

    Words of the Vision of the Soul

    By Peter A. Todd
    February 28th. 1988

    Poetry must and always be of the soul
    yet! a rendering of love of the writers heart
    It should contain a vision of time to yet unfold
    The emotion of its meaning from the start
    Poetry is ancient as from the Psalms of David
    Such a faithful and God fearing man
    It is also a renewal of life and its meaning
    A footpath led by the Master’s plan
    The description of what is within the inner beauty
    Of loved ones we embrace and cherish dear
    Or the vision of a mountain and morning clearing
    It is the very existence of our inner tears
    Of words to be treasured through the sands of time
    A vision for the blind of pleasures to unfold
    Expression of love in our thoughts hard to find
    Poetry more precious than the world and all its gold
    It’s the echo of ones heart to the impaired of hearing
    The comforting of mind in sadness cast
    The reflection of the soul and ones awakening nearing
    It’s etched in silver within the soul’s reflection matched


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