Waterfront Earth Day Clean Up Saturday April 21, 2012 and I’m Buyin! Two free T-Shirts and One Free Embroidered GMG Logo Courtesy Paulie Walnuts

For anyone who wants to help clean up down along our docks on east Main street for earth day, I’ll be buying coffee and donuts.  I suggested to Melissa Cox that I’d buy beer and pizza but she told me it might be a little early for that and suggested coffee and donuts.

We will have some water as well and if anyone is still around come noon Saturday April 21, I’ll re-up on the pledge for pizza and beer as well.

Melissa is picking up bags and disposable gloves.  We’re gonna get started at 8AM

95 East Main Street, Captain Joe and Sons

and anyone who shows up will get one of the highly coveted only a handful ever made metallic blue stickas!


Stickas made by FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry


Paulie Walnuts donated two embroidered T Shirts and one embroidered GMG Logo Cap to be raffled off for a free drawing chosen from the group of FOB’s who come down and hang with us.  I can guarantee you that our group will be having the most Earth day Fun on Saturday!

There may even be an art rock planted somewhere in our general vicinity that morning!

Thanks so much to Paulie, check oout Paulie’s website here www.art-rocks.org


  • billyterp@yahoo.com

    I have in the past offered a good arguement for beer for breakfast (the ingredient list for beer is much like breakfast cereal, no?) but it would probably decrease the amount of litter pick-up….. See you there!


  • Wow – those are some amazing incentives on top of doing good for the Earth and your community, the metallic blue stickas AND the possibility of a Art Rock?!?! Plus the awesome t-shirts and caps. Hmmmm….I will seriously consider it if I’m not too hungover (big pahty night to celebrate Josh Severance turning 40 yesterday!). Famous last words, I know…. 🙂


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