The Brig Beaver arrives in Boston

Kathy Chapman writes-

Yesterday I had the privilege to ride on the Tea Party Ship Beaver in the parade to its new berth at the Tea Party Ship Museum in Fort Point Channel, Boston. Once in place the masts will be stepped and the rigging will be completed.

It was a perfect day, hundreds of people welcomed us.

What a great accomplishment for master shipwright Leon Poindexter (shown close up) and his crew at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Mr. Poindexter is known for his artistry and has worked on many vessels on the National Register of Historic Places as well as serving as the master shipwright for 20th Century Fox to retrofit the tall ship Rose for the Academy Award Winning motion picture Master and Commander starring Russell Crowe.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012

For Kathy Chapman’s incredible slideshow of the morning’s events click on the picture below to view-


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5 Responses to The Brig Beaver arrives in Boston

  1. Joey C says:

    When posting this for Kathy I thought her title read “The Big Beaver arrives in Boston” which immediately had me wondering when Snooky touched down.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, absolutely beautiful pictures. Awesome!!

  3. Thanks, more pics when the museum is ready for primetime, sometime in June.

    This from their PR materials:

    The new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum will include interactive exhibits that will transport visitors back in time to Revolutionary Boston!

    Visitors will be treated to tours onboard full-scale replicas of the Tea Party ships which are currently being restored.

    Housed on a floating barge to which the ships are moored, the second floor of the museum will be a reconstructed 18th century tavern reminiscent of those that dotted the streets of Revolutionary Boston and were a meeting place of the Sons of Liberty. The tavern will be a living history experience and serve delicious fare characteristic of the period.

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