Atwood and Scones In The GDT Food For Thought Column

Let me first state that the first couple of times I’d eaten a scone they left me wholly unimpressed.  Dry, hard and crumbly and far inferior to your everyday muffin.

But then one day it happened.  I popped into Alexandra’s Bread Co for my usual 4 cobbles. Two for me and one each for Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean.  They were all out of cobbles but John suggested I try a scone.  I explained my disdain for scones and he told me a story that I’ll never forget and have relayed to my children.

When you try something new that you wouldn’t ordinarily try and then you discover you like it, it’s like you’ve made a new friend for life.  I’m all about making new friends, it’s what I live for.  I know some people are happy having only one or two good friends but in my life I feel like if 1 is good 100 is way better.

So I try the scones at Alexandra’s bread Co and let me tell you, I was blown away.  These goddamn scones were moister than ones I had eaten in the past, they were scrumptious.

So try out Atwood’s recipe which you can find by clicking this link at The Gloucester Daily Times website-

Food For Thought: Exalting of scones is no food fiction

Food For ThoughtHeather Atwood

But if you’re a no-cooking fool like me and won’t get around to trying Atwood’s recipe head on down to Alexandra’s bread Company for the tastiest damn scones I’ve ever eaten, they’re one of my friends for life I’ve discovered thanks to John.

For Tons Of GMG Pictures and Videos from Alexandra’s Bread Company Click Here


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