Men In New York City Apparently Suffering From Horrible Crotch Lowering Epidemic and Skinny Jeans Poll

This trend has reached epidemic proportions.

Fashion forward or just plain ridiculous?

You make the call in the poll below the bottom picture.

(All photos taken in a 15 minute timeframe in and around New York Central Park)

Does Downtown Boston suffer from this disease to such a widespread degree or is it contained to small pockets of the afflicted?

(My boy John McElhenny is giddy with excitement at the prospect of the disease finally catching hold on Cape Ann so he can break out his fine collection of skinny jeans).



  • On girls they look great and as we all know women take a tad longer getting it all together so what’s ten more minutes while they wiggle the legs into tight jeans.

    On dudes all I can think is there goes twenty minutes a day for that poor guy whie he stuffs the sausage. A nice looking tuxedo, sure, worth the effort. Skinny pants that are going to be grabbing you in all the wrong places constantly, no thanks.

    Case in point the left hander with the Mizuno glove and baggy pants. He went low rider for his fashion statement so he would not be castrated going for the grounder with the tight ones. But he isn’t going to move laterally when his belt drops around his knees.

    He goes for fashion. I stick with Levis standard cut and a Rawlings glove.


  • You can run but you can’t hide, Joe. The skinny will search you out and find you down the dock one day. Embrace the skinny!


    • I have the ultimate defense for the skinny. It’s called a mirror. Once the offender takes a look they realize how ridiculous they look and run shrieking away in horror.


  • I think the key is that you have to be kind of skinny to wear them in order to look good in them. They look great on most of the people that have them on. I would not know about the comfort factor though 😉 I live in skirts and happy that way 🙂


  • I bet McElhenny is running from computer to computer at work clicking The “If John McElhenny wears them they must be cool” button. 🙂


  • Sending photos of the original skinny jeans guys to your email because i don’t know how to upload a photo to the comment section. I love skinny jeans on skinny men and a fuller cut on non-skinny men–especially inky black skinny jeans–but do not al all care for the super low crotch look, in any style. Although it’s up to the wearer. Are skinny jeans comfotable to wear for anyone, man or woman?


    • The Mrs and I agree that even the most smoking hot chick with the most smoking hot body would be served better wearing something other than skinny jeans.


    • Quoted from a male skinny tight-pants wearer, “Nowadays they are made out of stretch material, so they are quite comfortable. Also during the summer they don’t have a pocket of hot air in the crotch that chafes.”


  • Cecelia Stadler

    Listen up, John. Not only skinnies, but NEON-colored skinnies are in.


    • Cecelia, Neon skinnies are way too hipster for me but I hear those are what Joey prefers down the dock when Cousin Frank isn’t around.


      • A pair of lemon yellow nean skinny with some five finger vibrams for his feet and Joey would be the most styling lobster broker on the east coast. We have to convince him. Who cares if Frankie is laughing so hard he coughs up a lung?


        • Someone out there a clothing company is missing a golden opportunity to send a lobster-broker-sized pair of skinny jeans to a certain blogger who makes it rain 30,000 to 40,000 page views per day. Just sayin’.


  • If the guy is skinny, a pair looks much better, no ass needed to fill these babies. I hate when the butt in back and crotch in front sags to a guy’s knees. Joey could definitely rock a pair, maybe bright, boilled lobster red!


  • Joey and Johnny Mac in neon red skinny jeans–wow. It would put Gloucester on the map!


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