Julie At K9 Kuts Dog Grooming and Dog Boutique

Those that know me know that I am not a dog person in the least.  Even the smallest,  cleanest most well behaved dogs do not appeal to me.  I’m happy for those of you like my sister Felicia who have become fond of dogs.  I just don’t get the attraction.  But anyway, sister Felicia had been telling me that I needed to get in to do a piece on K9 Kuts for a little over two years now.

Because of my perception of dogs and places that house dogs as smelly it wasn’t high on my priority list.

Boy was I wrong.  This place is like a dog spa.  It’s fancy.  It’s clean.  And it even smells nice.  All of my preconceived notions about dog grooming have been shattered with this one visit.  Check out the video tomorrow!


  • …and the thing is, Julie is wonderful to our dogs…she just loves them all! My big guy never balks at going there and she takes such great care of him, always making him look sooo handsome! I rescued my 104 lb. Irish Setter/Golden Retriever 10 years ago and have been going to Julie ever since!


    • Julie is the best. My Gracie doesn’t like anyone and she loves Julie, and she is very
      reasonable also. Glad to see her get a good write up. Joey you should have a dog at your work.
      You won’t believe how fast he becomes a part of your family. I see you with a nice big shepherd
      or lab, rescued of course.


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