Follow Up: Memories Of The Oceanside Hotel, Magnolia MA In 1931 From George Krewson III Oceanside Hotel First Floor Plan

Earlier this month George Krewson III sent in this-

My Dad purchased the Oceanside Hotel at Magnolia in 1931. I was 6 at the time. He kept it until 1946. Dad had no idea how to operate a hotel, having most previous experience in the building business. When the 1929 depression hit he was out of building and just happened to acquire the Oceanside by what he called “trading cats for dogs.” He and Mom learned quickly, and within a few years a guest suggested that they journey down to Thomasville, GA and have a look a winter resort inn there. They liked what they saw and purchased the inn. Each year for the next 11 years they thrived on the resort hotel business–the Oceanside at Magnolia in the summer, and the Three Toms Inn at Thomasville in the winter, Needless to say I cam to really love growing up in the business. Then came WW II and changes in all family’s lives.

Magnolia and the Oceanside, in particular, will always remain as a fond memory.

George Krewson III

and now he follows up with this-

Oceanside Hotel first floor plan

Hi Joe,

In going through some files recently I came across the main lobby/dining area floor plan of the Oceanside Hotel I had scketched from memory about 10 years back.  Odd how things like that can stick in one’s mind.  I hadn’t been in the place since the early 40′s. Some fond memories.

George Krewson

Click on document below to view full sized-


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44 Responses to Follow Up: Memories Of The Oceanside Hotel, Magnolia MA In 1931 From George Krewson III Oceanside Hotel First Floor Plan

  1. smallfalls says:

    Here are some more memories from those days, as told to me by my late father-in-law Dick Dunn, whose parents ran The Crawford House in NH and the Gasparilla Inn in Florida…Duke Ellington in Magnolia, imagine!

    PS if this PDF doesn’t click through, please feel free to email me and I’ll send it as an attachment.

    Teri Dunn Chace

  2. judy says:

    does anyone know if this later became “Magnolia Manor”?

    • Terry Weber says:

      Judy, I am not sure if you mean the building that is now a residential apartment building at 10 Oakes Ave. That building used to be called the Shore Drive Manor or the Manor House for short. It was a vacation spot and had a restaurant. I have a bit of history on it that I may post later, if you think that is it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Mgnolia Manor was a health spa for women run by Saul Feldman and his wife. I think it was on Hesperus Ave.
      Irene Ina Shaker

      • Barry Rosenbaum says:

        Hi there, I worked at Magnolia Manor during one summer and dated Linda Feldman,
        the daughter of Saul Feldman. Do you know anything about Linda Feldman ?
        I would like to find her.
        Thanks, Barry Rosenbaum

        • Eliot J. Perarlman says:

          Hi, I Eliot Pearlman originally from Brookline and remember both the Oceanside Hotel (as a teenage guest, 1955-6 and Magnolia Manor, which was called a fat farm at the time (my mother went there a couple of times). I remember a “Gaby” Feldman, who made a terrific impression on me: Call it a crush. Are Gaby and Linda one and the same?
          Thanks, Eliot

        • Loren Feldman says:

          Hi Eliot..I am Loren Feldman half brother of Gaby and Linda. We share the same mother. Gaby and Linda are indeed two different individuals. Gaby left us many years ago and Linda is alive and well living in Stuart, Fl. Since leaving Magnolia we owned and operated the Poland Spring House in Maine which burned 7/3 in its 99th year. Nice to hear from you.

      • ALFRED INA says:

        Barry Rosenbaum…I got a message from Lauren Feldman who was married to Linda’s Father, Saul Feldmand and answered her message as to where she and Linda were living now and would love to know. Was a dear friend of the whole family and work one summer at the Magnoia Manor. If you hear anything from them would love some info> Thanks and good luck.


        • Shari Herman says:

          my parents (Ben and Helen Swartz) were great friends of the Feldmans in the early 50s and my mother used to take me to both the Magnolia Lodge and Manor for week ends after my father dies in 1952. Saul Feldman was a grocer in Washington Square, Brookline, before he went into Hotel life. I was only 4-6 years old, but I remenber the Feldman girls and Loren well. It was my first experience with playing pool and yes, there was a vibrating fat machinel!!! Best to Loren and Linda.
          Shari Swartz Herman

        • Anonymous says:

          H Hi Shari…I remember your parents well. They were close to my parents Jenny and Saul My sister Gaby had an unfortunate early demise….Linda lives in Florida and I in Maine in my 88th year.


    • ALFRED INA says:

      No, the Magnolia Manor was the home of the Heinz pickle family who summer’d in Magnolia. The Feldmans bought it and made it into a Manor and also bought the publishing family from Chicago, the McMullens estate on the corner of Lexington Ave & Shore Rd and made it into the Lodge. Both of them burned down.

    • Lisa says:

      The Magnolia Manor was located on Hesperus Circle and was a ‘health spa’ until the ’70′s when they tore it down.

      • ALFRED INA says:

        when they torn down the magnolia manor it was never rebuilt. a private home was built on the land

        • Peter says:

          Googling places I remember being taken to as a child, the Magnolia Manor was one of them. I recall a vibrating belt machine poolside, was there one?

        • Loren Feldman says:

          Four private homes Alfred

        • Alfred Ina says:

          where are you and linda living and well i hope

        • Loren Feldman says:

          Linda lives in Stuart, FL, has two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren. I live in Sabattus, ME. have one son, one grandchild and one great grandchild. Thankfully we are all well as I write.
          Warm Regards,
          Loren Feldman

  3. Anonymous says:

    No, Judy, The Oceanside retained its name until it was destroyed by fire.

    George Krewson III

    • Jerry Stone says:

      George, thanks for bringing back old and fond memories.
      I remember reading some old documents and notes by your father during my years at the Oceanside. Unfortunately everything was destroyed by the fire

  4. Terry Weber says:

    George, do you know if a hotel ever existed in Magnolia called the “New Magnolia?” If so, was it on Lexington Ave or somewhere else? Thanks.

  5. Frank says:

    Please; if you find any more photos you MUST share them with us. This is awesome.

  6. Al Ina says:

    Yes, the New Magnolia hotel was on Lexingtin Ave. on the corner of Flume Rd. and was also burned like all the other hotels in Magnolia. Poor Magnolia for it’s ashame what they have done to beautilful Magnolia. It was a little bit of Heaven.
    Alfred Ina


  7. Hans says:

    Does anyone know the exact location of the Oceanside Hotel? Thanks

  8. Hi, My late father-in-law was the maitre d’ at the Oceanside back in the ’40′s and up until it burned down. My late husband grew up working there in the summer months, along with several of his cousins. I was only there one time, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t remember what year it burned down, though. Can anyone tell me?

    • Jerry Stone says:

      Glenda, Your wonderful father-in-law worked for us all the years I was involved with the hotel and fondly remember your husband. Great family.

    • LEE SNIDER says:

      Hello Glenda, At some point in the 1940′s, presumably after the war, my grandfather and his associates bought the Oceanside Hotel and I spent a number of summers
      there. To this day some of the very happiest memories of my childhood were spent at that wondrous place and I remember your father, Mr.Fleming (as w ecalled him), very well. Even at age 75 I can still see him, remembering always how gracious he was as he
      escorted us to our tables. What a tragedy that this magical hotel burned down so that future generations never got to experience its grandeur and elegance. LEE SNIDER

      • Loren Feldman says:

        I had the same experience at the Poland Spring House. Was Ralph Snider your father? If so I remember your brother.

  9. Does anyone know the exact location of the Oceanside Hotel? Thanks

  10. Anonymous says:

    I remember the oceanside hotel.I was just a child and i remember the enormity of it.It was on Lexington Ave.,where all the fancey shops use to be.It burnt down when i was a child and i can remember watching the fire from my parents kitchen window.That was in 1956 or there about.I have a piece of funiture from the hotel that states in the draw,suite k Dr. Dob.I really do not know how we acquired it .I do consider it a prized possession.My granddaughter has it as her desk.Hope this information helps to bring but a little of history.

  11. ALFRED INA says:

    The Oceanside Hotel burned down on a very cold january night in 1958 with the wind blowing towards the ocean, thank God for we lived right across the street from the hotel on Lexington Ave.

  12. Heather says:

    Now I’m confused as to it’s location. Was it in the block of Lexington where the Post Office is today? I was told they had the salt water pool down at Shore Rd. but that would be a long distance for guests to use the pool.

    • ALFRED INA says:

      No, The salt water pool was on Shore Rd & Oak,Ave next to the Hakim house, the pool was blasted in the rock. The Oceanside Hotel was across the street from the Ina stores, where the 5 story condos are now. I think the Oceansides pool was also salt water which was very close to the ocean…just down from the tennis courts. The hotel that was in the block of the post office at the other end of the block ( and across the street from the Oceanside hotel…Flume Rd.) was the New Magnolia Hotel and quite large and had a short life for it to was burned to the ground. I don’t think any thing was saved from the fire for it was to the ground….period. Hope this helps you on the location of the Oceanside Hotel. Those are great memories.

      • Jean Feldman says:

        Hi Alfred
        I am Jean Saphirstein’s daughter Nona
        My mom bought all my clothes in your moms store
        My mom and dad Jerry owned the hotel when it burnt down
        She saw your postings on the Internet and asked me to reply to you.
        You can reply to her directly at
        Thank you

  13. Jerry Stone says:

    I am Jerry Stone, formerly Jerry Saphirstein having changed my name in 1968. I was an owner and operator of the Oceanside hotel on December 11, 1958 when the hotel was completely destroyed by fire. I worked at the hotel in the summers from 1950 thru 1953 and became an owner and operator in 1954. We operated the hotel for 5 years as a full service American plan summer resort until the fire. We did attempt to operate year round in 1956 and 1957 but unfortunately it was not a successful venture. The hotel fronted on Hesperus Ave and there were several stores as part of the hotel on the Lexington Ave side. Lexington ave was home to many upscale stores and was known as the Worth Ave of the north in those days. I would love to hear from you all with any information as I have many fond memories and nostalgic feelings about The Oceanside and Magnolia.
    I have retired, now live in California and can be reached at

  14. Gordon says:

    I also have found memories of Magnolia, but mine are of the manor. The address was on Hesperus avenue. This was the former Heinz summer estate. My mother and step father James Dooling owned it, before it burned. I spent a couple of summers there. They had renamed it the New Conservatory of Health where they sought to help those with medical conditions no longer deemed healable by the mainstream medical profession. I discovered “Rafes Chasm” while ambling along the rocks forty years ago. Nice memories from childhood. Wished someone had some pictures to post.

  15. Darron Burke says:

    We used to take school trips to the Magnolia Manor (!!?) and use the freezing-cold salt water pool(s) and sauna. I remember this from about 1972-4 ish, maybe I was 6 or 7 years old. The pool had long green algae that whipped through the currents like a horse’s mane. Other locations that take me back: Viera’s and The giant house with the Elephant Tree that the hippies lived in” Oh, what a great place…

  16. hi there my name is benny hillerich i worked at the shore drive manor for three seasons was owned by fred manamara.i really enjoyed all the friends i made there i just wish i had kept in touch with them.i worked there from 1957 and 1958 i was hopeing some day i could returm there to see how it has changed after 55 years. now i live in thailand so i think i will never make it back there.if any friends i made there are still around please e-mail me…….benny hillerich

  17. Alfred Ina says:


  18. Cathie (Neal) Clark says:

    My parents bought the former Costello house at the corner of Hesperus and Shore Road, across from the Oceanside’s grand poolside lower lawn, in the Summer of 1958. The hotel had no parking lots, and I remember guests’ cars parked along both sides of our street for miles. They closed in the Fall, we were told for renovations. In the coldest day of December I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to see it fully engulfed in fire. The heat was so intense it blistered the paint on the front of our house. Half-burned records from their accounting files were flying through the air, and landing in our front hedge. Others landed on our roof and started small fires there. The fire hoses wouldn’t reach. My Dad crawled thru our third-floor bathroom window and Mom was filling buckets of water from the tub and handing them to him. As soon as he threw the water on the roof it would freeze solid. She told him to give up and dragged him in after she stopped him from sliding off! They got all 5 of us kids ready to evacuate when the Fire Dept came and told us they finally had it under control. The next morning, all that was standing were the 6-story chimneys and tub drainpipes…with clawfoot tubs still attached, hanging in the air. It was really sad–the end of an era.

    • Jerry Stone says:

      Thank you for your reply (although rather glum) it is interesting for me to hear from folks regarding their association with the Oceanside.
      Hope you and yours are well and wish you everything good for the new year.
      Jerry Stone—-formerly Jerry Saphirstein

  19. Shari Herman says:

    So good to hear from you and so happy that you are well. If I can find them, I have a couple of pictures of your Mom, on slides, at my parents house around 1952. If I can locate them, I will let you know. They were wonderful people and very good to my mother after my dad died.

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