Anyone Watch Wicked Tuna Last Night?


For more clips from the show based out of Gloucester and featuring some of our best Tuna Skippers click here

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17 Responses to Anyone Watch Wicked Tuna Last Night?

  1. Bill Hubbard says:

    I watched it. Good camera work, good harbor shots, good show,

  2. Sarah says:

    I watched the start of it last night and going to finish watching rest of first episode latah lol… looks like it’s going to be a great series!!!!! :) :) and I learned something. I didn’t reallze good fishing is off of George’s Bank? I have to Google that lol

  3. Allison Sigrist says:

    It was available onDemand last week, so I watched it then. I enjoyed it -and it’s always great to hear real-life Boston accents, rather than actors’ usual terrible approximations of them. Now I’ll be watching out when I’m in town to see if I recognize anyone from the show.

  4. Eileen O. says:

    I was out on Rocky Neck, snapping some pictures to use as inspiration in my art studio, and got some lovely shots of a fishing boat called the “Hard Merchandise”. Last night my husband and I tuned in to “Wicked Tuna” and there was the boat I’d been photographing the day before! Really liked the show, too!

  5. Bill says:

    Loved it…….can’t wait for next week!!!!

  6. It made Gloucester look beautiful

    • friartucks says:

      Gloucester IS beautiful.

      I never appreciated, how fortunate I was to grow up and live in a small, tight knit community. I know we all bitched and joked about everyone knowin everyone else’s business, but I truly didn’t get to appreciate it until I moved to Florida, where ppl simply don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone.

  7. xegloucesterite says:

    And now, the ratings are in…..Over a million viewers and top show for Sunday night 10 PM time slot, Finest kind!

    • Sarah says:

      wicked awesome about the ratings update… thank you for that :) GO GO GO “Wicked Tuna” great series!! I learned a lot the first episode!!!!! Don’t like those dangerous “draggers” either great show! Great “learning experience” for Fisherman career awareness too it’s all good!

      • Anonymous says:

        why dont you like the draggers they made them out to be the bad guy !!their is no way a dragger will tip over a boat like they showed but a nice show without all the BS

        • Sarah says:

          In answer to Anonymous about “the dragger” … I just found they seemed rather bully in the way they knew the fishermen were in their path? Their “driver” could be maybe more considerate and really not go near the other fishermen though

        • Sarah says:

          P.S. Also the fishermen guy and his wife… they were caught in “the dragger’s” nets though… they showed us how their anchor line was just ripped apart… I think “the dragger’s” boat looks scary enough anyway lol.. but it’s just a fun show it is.. makes you aware of what they go through. Even with the seagulls…Must be a lot of competition in one area even way out there

  8. craig says:

    my son and i love this new show, looking forward to more episodes

    • Sarah says:

      I’m just loving the show so far too. haha I love Dave on his Tuna.Com boat he’s a cutie.. I mean all the drama ya gotta love it .. Bring it!!!!.But this series so far has really givin’ me a lot of respect for those fisherman too… amen to those guys!! :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great job Captain Kevin, you deserve a free coffee tomorrow at dunks>

  10. Eliane says:

    Great job Captain Kevin free coffee for you tomorrow.

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