Gloucester will never be clear of litter unless we find a better way. From Janet Rice

Janet Rice writes-

As you are all probably aware, today was a very windy day in  Gloucester. That is not so unusual. Unfortunately what is also not so unusual is to see trash and recycling being blown all over our streets, into our yards, marshes, woods, and water. This morning, the litter was literally sailing across the streets as I drove to my East Gloucester jobs. I took a few photos to share of a recycling basket that was in the center of the road at the Rocky Neck entrance. Cars were flying by as I tried to pick it up, running over it, and making a bad situation worse.( Slow down guys!)

In my opinion, we will never have a clean City, no matter how much we pick up, if we do not come up with a different, more secure method of putting our trash and recycling out on the curb. Tiny, overstuffed recycling bins with no covers do not have a chance against the wind. Bare Barney Bags also have little chance against the array of wildlife that populate our City. Once torn open, they also bend to the will of the wind.

     The wind is stubborn and will not change it’s ways. Thus, it is up to us to figure a way out of this mess. Suggestions? Ideas?

     Until we come up with a better system, I plan to never put my trash/recycling out until the morning of pick up in order to minimize the wind/wildlife exposure. I will also make sure that my recycling is secure and that all my Barney Bags in a trash can with a lid. I will also continue to pick up litter as I walk. Join me!

I made a critical error yesterday.  I myself put out the trash in a can without a lid.  Total mental lapse on my part.  100% wrong.  The Barney bag should have been more secure.  I owe my awesome neighbor Marge a huge debt of gratitude for securing it for me.


  • agreed. People who just put their trash in the bags and don’t put the bags in trashcans, are just
    asking for trouble. Where I live, if the bags are out overnight, dogs, raccoons, seagulls and
    crows get into them & there is trash all over. I am always picking up stuff in my yard which came from somewhere else. The recycling doesn’t seem to be such a problem.
    Maybe the garbage folks could refuse to pick up anything which isn’t in a trash can.


  • I disagree – I have to take my bags OUT of the trashcan because as soon as the trash bag is picked up and taken”go out ofthe the can, that leaves my large trash can and its top light as air to then blow around the neighborhood, which happened every time! So now I keep all food items out of the trash and keep it tightly wrapped in a dedicated veggie drawer. Come trash day I place the food items under other trash in the barney bag…and voila! Two years running and not once has a bag been ripped open. I do wait until the day of collection to put the trash out…and honestly we should all be composting anyway! I look to others for ideas about the recycling…there is a great solution out there…I just know it! 🙂


  • Larger square barrels w/wheels won’t blow and roll around as much. On dry but windy days I leave the cover off if there’s no food near the top but always put trash out the morning of pick up.
    You could try a brick on the bottom of your barrel since they pluck the bags out or tether your cover to the barrel.

    Good luck


  • We are so behind the times here in terms of waste management. The more successful cities utilize (and provide) trash cans with lids (the wheeled type with attached lids) for general waste and also have similar cans that are divided in two (with lids for each) that you can place paper related products in one side and cans/bottles in the other. Both are substantial and covered and work wonderfully.


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