Passports Wine Tasting Diner Tomorrow! Thursday March 29

Rubber Duck checked out the Passports Wine Dinner last month and she is still flapping her rubber wings about it.  Passports does it again tomorrow and you may still have time to get a reservation. Well worth it, 978-281-3680. Tell them Rubber Duck sent you.

Last month:

Chili Sullivan leads you through the courses and the wine pairings. I know what you’re thinking, some hoity-toity dude to tell you how to breathe and snort when you taste the wine. That’s not Chili. He tells you where the wine came from, describes the environment so you can imagine the fog rolling over the hills cooling the Grüner Veltliner as it grows to a crisp, tasty grape. He also throws in a little history. Don’t worry, it’s short, painless and you don’t have to put your fork down. And speaking of Grüner Veltliner, which was paired with the Cajun fluke last month, it’s the reason why I’m late with this review. I wanted to add where you can get some in Gloucester but I keep forgetting to check out the white wines when I’m in Sea Breeze picking up my Knockabout Gin. The Grüner Veltiner that Chili served was from Sepp Moser, Austria. Tasty. Rubber Duck wants some more.

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