David Anderson Represents! from Alyeska, Alaska

Hi Joey,

  David Anderson representing from Alyeska, Alaska! The most snow in the whole world this past season! over 800 inches since last October.




I dare say I think that may be our first from Alaska


  • 800 inches? omg…trying to convert real quick. how many feet? over 6 and pretty close to 7′? wow. impressive.



  • OMG: 800 inches is 66.6666 feet. Unless this is a typo, that’s a load of snow. Thank heavens R. Duck was there to shovel it. 66 feet? 80 inches would have been 6.6666 feet, and we’ve gotten more than that in pervious years.


  • Yes, you have it correct, no typo. 815″ as of today. I just got another email from them saying they recieved another 14″ today. Check out their website http://www.alyeskaresort.com/mountain-status.aspx Very cool place, if you ever get a chance, go to Alaska it’s really all that they say it is and more! I was there from March 10th to the 18th, 2012. and will go back to see more some day. Oh and Joey, the duck did not make it back with me, he fell in a crevase in the Portage Glacier, sorry.


  • Joey, I’ve checked and you might be suffering from flexillis anatidaephobia, that is the fear that a rubber duck is following and watching your every move. That is the only way to explain the need for a license to carry. If the following seems at all rational I have an 800 number you can call:

    That Rubber Duck that fell into the crevasse in Portage Glacier is not gone. She could easily meet up with the Rubber Ducks that fell off the container ship in the Pacific and were swept into the Aleutian Islands. It may take them months or years but they could swim all the way to Gloucester into the port and climb the ladder of your dock. Several of them may already be watching you.

    Unchecked, Anatidaephobia can become a debilitating condition that interferes with the person’s social life, their personal life and job responsibilities. Untreated, Anatidaephobia touches every aspect of a person’s life.

    More info on: http://voices.yahoo.com/anatidaephobia-fear-2261417.html

    Flexillis is latin fro rubber. I believe you may be the first known case of flexillis anatidaephobia


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