Community Stuff Sunday

Art Opening at the Rockport High School

My high school art teacher The Great Kathy Hilliard has allowed me to hang my work at the school in the art wing. The show will be this coming Monday the 26th from 7 to 9.  The school is located on Jerden’s lane in Rockport, Ma.  The idea behind the show is to expose the students to where Rockport Art Alumni go artistically. This show consists of just my pieces, but hopefully in the future many other alums will paste the walls with their work.

The works hanging are a large collection of my abstract watercolor and abstract latex house paint pieces. The works will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the art department.

Miss Hilliard’s art classes may have been one of the biggest influences in my life, so golly jeez it’s a treat to show my work there and give back a bit to the school. As many of you know the arts, theatre, and music departments are getting slammed with budget cuts time and again. I would argue that these three subjects may be one of the more important subjects to our cultural development as a country and simply as humans with a desire to express ourselves.
So come on out! There will be refreshments, great conversation, laughs, and plenty of of cool people(just like yourself).
Bring friends, family, grandma, pet goldfish, the kids, and anybody else that might be excited to see some abstract art.
I hope to see you all there.
Thanks and have a great day! 
Chris Wood
p.s. Happy Early Spring by the way.

Shifting Gears Driving Program

Driving a car may seem to be a necessary part of life, however, owning a vehicle and holding a driver’s license are privileges that come with a great deal of responsibility.

On Friday, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. the Council on Aging will offer a MassDot RMV program, at the Rose Baker Senior Center, which will bring information that is geared especially for the senior drivers.

We welcome guest speaker, Michele Ellicks, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Registry of Motor Vehicles to present the program entitled "Shifting Gears." In this three-section program, Ms. Ellicks will discuss issues facing senior drivers, the Commonwealth’s rules of the road, recent changes that have taken place at the RMV, as well as the warning signs of unsafe driving.

The first two segments will also include information about:

· Disability Placards and Plates: the requirements and how to apply for a handicap placard or plate and the laws governing handicap parking as well as a Massachusetts identification card, the most recent research concerning mature drivers and alternative forms of transportation available in our community.

· Road Scholar: this will instruct drivers on the rules of the road with an emphasis on safety and awareness.

The second part, also for family members and care-givers will include:

· Driving Decisions: Advice for elder drivers, caregivers, and family members on how to transition from driver seat to passenger seat.

Please join us on March 30, pre-registration is requested by calling 978 281-9765, light refreshments will be served.

FOB Kevin forwards-

Reality TV comes to Gloucester for ‘Wicked Tuna’ – The Boston Globe

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