Ask Joey C- Tired Girlfriend Asks

Tired Girlfriends asks-

My boyfriend is very affectionate in the evening, and wakes up every few hours with certain needs. Now, on one hand he is very loving and always satisfies my needs too, but on the other I end up being very tired at work the next day. How can I tell him that just once in while I want to actually sleep for more than 3 hours at a time? 

Alrighty then Tired Girlfriend.  What you’ve got here is a gift horse.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”


Don’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift.


You’ve got yourself a horny boyfriend that adores you.  He is loving, he isn’t just hammering away at you and then rolling over as you pointed out, he is taking care of your needs as well. 

I get that you might be a little sleep deprived but as he is your boyfriend I’m assuming you’ve been together for a couple years or less.   You are still in the honeymoon phase.  Be thankful for getting that loving attention as there are many folks out there that get married and their sex life trails off considerably.

My guess is that after a little while the nookie or the occasional nudge in the culo will subside to the frequency that may afford you a bit more sleep but in the meantime I suggest you revel in the intimacy.

There are many out there that would love to have such sleep deprivation problems.


  • Are you for real? Spoken like a true man 😉

    p.s I hope this poor girl doesn’t lose her job cause she is so tired. Maybe she should just explain her circumstance and all will be forgiven…right? I think she needs to just tell him how much she loves the time spent together but needs her sleep too. It’s all about communication 🙂


  • Great advice Joey, however I don’t want her to lose her job–perhaps she can catch up on her sleep over the weekend or when she first gets home from work. Sounds like Wonderful Lover and Tired Girlfriend are very compatible and happy, despite sleep deprivation!


  • punch him in the face…


  • The attached picture looks kind of like the only guy in my life right now, so just list me as jealous


  • Dear God, I know you work in mysterious ways, but please, please, would you give me a problem like this? My husband has had sexual amnesia since 2005, and the last time I asked him if he wanted to make love he said, “With who?”
    A Well Rested Wife


  • There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And no one is really into anything, even their favorite thing in the whole world, if they are exhausted (except getting some sleep). This is a typical “men are from mars women are from venus” situation. “Men mistakenly expect women to think, communicate, and react the way men do; women mistakenly expect men to feel, communicate, and respond the way women do.” They don’t and we don’t. The girl needs some sleep. As a guy, she’s asking you how to convey that to her boyfriend without upsetting him. As “Ask Joey” you need to respond to the question she is asking you.


  • Communicate! Sleep is “one of her needs!” Try some humor: “Hey Wild Stallion, if I don’t get some sleep tonight, I won’t make it into work tomorrow, which means I will lose my job and be needing a new apartment, how about I move in with you and then I will have plenty of energy to…” (Hmm… on second thought…)


  • He should have some respect for her needs, which is the need for enough sleep to function during the day. He could express his love for her by letting her rest.


  • OH GOODNESS…you are lucky and blessed to have this “issue”. Hike up your skirt and sing like the duke girl! Or maybe just wait until you are in your 30’s and you can keep up! Sleep is overrated.

    Yawning at the complaint! 🙂


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