Bowsprite and Will Represent! In NOLA


i hope you’re well.

christina and i explored nola last weekend, and here are some souvenir fotos for you/GMG.

cheers, will

My friends from NY represent!  Chistina (Bowsprite) I hope to see you get one of the residencies on Rocky Neck this summer.  I can only imagine what you would do with Gloucester’s boats and waterfront.

Check out her site Bowsprite

An example of some of Chistina’s working waterfront illustrations-

Uhm, something just doesn’t seem right here. Smile



Also pictured is Will (Tugster) who is obsessed with tugboats.  Chickity Check out Will’s waterblog here



  • Great illustrations, I love the style.


    • Me too. I’m a HUGE HUGE FAN!!!!! God I’d love it if they accepted her application for one of teh residency months on rocky Neck. Could you imagine what she would do with all our great stuff around here??? The Tea Party Ship, our draggers, lobsterboats, funky wharehouses?


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