Mural: St. Ann’s Band from Gloucester in the Tournament of Roses

This is one of a series of murals that remain in the stairwells to the parish hall under St. Ann’s Church (Holy Family Parish).  I am told that there used to be more murals, but some have been removed (and maybe some painted over, I don’t know). The ones that remain are in lamentably poor condition, but they are still fascinating, as they portray historical events, people, and boats of Gloucester. I’ll post a few more photos of these murals over the next few days. If anyone can identify themselves or family members (or their boats) in these paintings, please speak out!


  • Being a St. Ann graduate I forgot about the murals. What a great idea to post


  • I believe that is Father Brunick marching with the band.


  • I will never forget, having grown up near Burnhams’ Field which was St. Ann’s Band practice field, the summer of “Elephant Walk” and “Hold That Tiger!”- permnently etched in my brain! I remember seeing the band on TV the year they were in the Tournament of Roses Parade.


  • It’s still there!..Holy Smokes. My Dad used to go down and visit the artist as he worked on this mural. Yes, I am the one in front on the left white hat, yellow plume.
    Msgr Daniel Sullivan built up the Band from a small local outfit – to a multi-aged organization consisting of three bands (Beginners-Junior and Senior). We competed in the CYO circuit in the Archdiocese, went to Nova Scotia twice (I only went once) and had the experience of our young lives at the Tournament of Roses Parade. Fr.G can tell you about that – he was there.
    It’s too bad the beautiful murals of the Fleet have been painted over.
    Thanks for the memory.


  • The person to the immediate right of Fr. Brunick is my brother, Joseph Ciaramitaro (St. Ann High, Class of 1967). I remember “Hold That Tiger”, too. He played trombone and practiced his part endlessly at home. Without the rest of the band, his notes just sounded like noise and it was always so much fun to hear the whole band together and magically his part became the most exciting in the piece. Joey, I was in your mom’s class at St. Anns.


  • Cliff Fisher, Jr.

    The gentleman accompanying the band alongside the drum and horn line is my father, Clifford Fisher. He was the Marching and Manuevering Instructor for the band. I believe that is Father Brennick also marching with the band. The mural is a great representation taken from the original photograph, however the band is much larger than is depicted.


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