Happy Birthday to my Son Alex

My beautiful son, born on the first day of spring, during a snow storm, March 20, 1993.

Alex, on his first day of college this past September. I don’t have too many recent photos of Alex; he was in the camera shy stage for all his high school years–although lately I am getting the feeling he doesn’t mind so much his Mom with her cameras.

Best friends favorite breakfast of bacon and chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry smoothies ~  Shaffy, Alex, Sam, Mike, Cam, and Andrew

Alex and Liv August 2006


  • You are such a cute mom and your kids are beautiful and handsome… See you soon


  • Your children should both be models! Looking forward to meeting them this summer….Happy Birthday to Alex 🙂


  • Thank you Felicia–me too, for you to meet! HOW ARE TODAY?? I hope you had a chance to sleep/rest/relax a bit today. So GORGEOUS–A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET, from morning till night–I cannot thank you enough.


  • What a gorgeous family. They should be on a magazine cover


  • Thank you Pat–my loves!!

    You worked nonstop helping Felicia and I hope so much you had a chance to rest and relax yesterday, too. Felicia is so very very fortunate to have you so near. I have been saying to my kids, practically since they could talk, ‘When I am a grandmother and LIVE NEXT DOOR, you can work and spend time with your husband, and I’ll help take care of the babies”–that is my hope some day–you and Felicia manage it all so beautifully.


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