• who’s cat is that? meowwwww inquiring minds want to know lol


  • I think he is a castaway and looks like he could use a warm bed at night. I know people feed him, but lets face it, just food does not love make.


  • He is well loved and well cared for!


  • Stubby is very well cared for and well loved. He has a home provided for him by Maritime Gloucester and many friends and admirers looking out his welfare on Harbor Loop. The staff at TD Bank, the Building Center, Animal Crackers, Cape Ann Animal Aid, and the Whale Center all lavish Stubby with toys, treats, affection, and lots of warm beds during the day. At the Heritage Center, Stubby has a fully outfitted home in the Dive Locker and is a constant companion to Paul Harling and the Maritime Gloucester staff.

    Stubby moved on to the Heritage Center site 12 years ago. Damon Cummings was his first caretaker and he, along with Julia, had him neutered. After Damon moved on from his volunteer duties, the Heritage Center staff volunteered to serve as Stubby’s guardians. We make sure that he is always put inside during inclement weather, has regular vet checks, is up to date on all his vaccinations, and pay for his medical care. Veterinarian Donna Heaney and the staff at North Shore Veterinary Hospital provide exemplary care for Stubby and he purrs the whole time he’s in their office.

    Many people including Jay from Shaw’s, Janet Rice, and countless tourists and locals who visit the Loop feed him and check up on him regularly. There is even a family from out of state that stops by each summer to visit him.

    Stubby spent most of today (and most of the winter) curled on my lap or stretched out on my keyboard while I was trying to work.

    As they say, it takes a village and he is one lucky cat.


  • Everytime I saw him I always felt bad for him. It’s great to know he is well cared for.
    Maybe I should cut my Tail off. 🙂


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