Loch Lomond sung for Joe Garland

In this video, gimmesound artist of the week Michael O’Leary sings one of Joe Garland’s favorite songs with Janice Fullman .  This was part of the special tribute to Joe Garland produced by Local Music Seen with Allen Estes that showed on the large screen at the October 1, 2011 ceremony celebrating Joe’s life at I4-C2.  A longer version of this tribute special is in the works and will air on Cape Ann TV once it’s finished.

Michael O’Leary is also featured in today’s Gloucester Daily Times story (see here).

Don’t wait for St. Patrick, get out and dance tonight.  There’s Reggae DJ, Blues, Jazz/hip hop and more.  See complete music lineup here.


  • Celebration of Gloucester’s Heritage
    By Peter A. Todd 10/01/2011

    Joseph E. Garland

    In gathering at the Heart of Gloucester
    We recall Joe’s entire quest in life
    Such as the stories of our Fishermen
    Or the praise he held for his wife
    A speaker of truth in our passage of time
    Of what our history of Gloucester entailed
    In good old fashioned Garland style
    He would guide us through the cities trails
    How fitting it is we gather at harbors edge
    Surrounded by Schooners heading to open sea
    The seas of that which his soul was fed
    Through his journey to Heaven’s eternity
    The teachings that Joe has gave to us all
    Will never be erased from the Sands of Time
    For it will continue through our memories to recall
    Throughout all the recordings of Gloucester’s history to find


  • On the Mayors Balcony there is a potrait of Joseph Garland . I believe it was the father . I think it would be an honor to both of them if that potrait be bought into the light as truly the Garland name will be etched in the sands of time.I was honored to be friends with Mr. Garland ,just as I was honored to be able to write this poem I had the distinct pride to read it at his memorial service


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