The Rabbit’s Team Photos and More From The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

My boy The Rabbit posted over 8 pages of photos from our event which benefitted Click here to see all the photos



  • Way to go Rabbit…a smile in every picture!!


  • My gift was to make allot of noise the only way I know how…Not to mention throwing down some delicious pulled pork sandwiches I bought from the farm. They of course in turn donated 100% to the cause. Between the many channels I think everyone heard about this event. I flooded facebook with many images as well to spice up the viral firestorm. Joey asked me to attend what can one say to a good friend and a great cause? He was also telling tales of Fishermans brew. I just want people to see them and the promotional high res album to promote the next… Everyone was smiling, we all enjoyed the life we have been blessed with that day in great strides. We stole a brilliant moment on a cloudy day for sure and basked in the sunshine of others….”Good Times”


  • Every photo fun and gorgeous–you captured the event perfectly!


  • Thanks Kim……..


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