Tacos Lupita: One more reason never to leave the island.

The food. As Joey is fond of saying, Cape Ann is blessed with great restaurants and it keeps on getting better. I have been trying out Tacos Lupita and will have a full review once I make it back up the right side of the menu after already eating my way down the left.

(Click image for menu). From the start I can see why Joey has been ecstatic about this place. The mirror shiny ceramic tables to the open kitchen showing fresh ingredients being chopped up. You can tell just by walking in it’s going to be good.

OK, I have had the Mulita (wow, homemade corn tortillas bursting with cheese and in my case I tried pork sausage), huaraches, burritos, tacos, and the Mexican Bistec Plate. All great I’ll just point out two. The lowly taco and the bistec plate. I’ve been to Mexico five times, once for two months back in 1973. I am always looking for that non-Americanized Mexican food without having to go to Mexico. Lupita serves authentic versions of the taco and bistec. The fresh onions and other stuff in the taco and the seasoning of the bistec (a very decent portion of thin grilled steak) are killer. I don’t need to go to Cuernavaca again. I can stay on the island.

Before I write a full review I have to have the fish taco (this being Gloucester and all), as well as the Tortilla soup. The last time I was in Cuernavaca I had tortilla soup every afternoon for ten days straight. It was an addiction. A good one. Post a comment if you have had it because dang, although open 11AM to 9PM daily they are not open on Sunday. I’ll have to wait.

Fun Fact: Lupita is a girl’s name. The shortened form of Guadalupe which refers to the Virgin Mary as she miraculously appeared to a peasant boy in Guadalupe, Mexico.

Since I ate everything before I was able to photograph it, just click on the screaming Homie and Rubber Duck for photos on the Tacos Lupita website.

One last tip: Try the Fanta Orange soda in the bottle. It is made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. Sodas tasted better when we were kids. They still sell them but you have to read the side of the bottle.

[edit] One more very last tip. The salsa verde. Make sure to get the red and green salsa on the side and that green one, (that would be salsa verde in español), is the real deal. The red is too but as in Mexico, it is the green one that will sneak up on you.


  • We have one on both ends of Munroe Street in downtown Lynn. One of them is a full sit-down version that offers brunch and occasional live music, now. I guess we don’t have to leave, either. 😉


  • I started with the combo plate steak, pork and chicken it was great the sides flavorful and im going back for more! I Think my next order will be one of the salads in a fried tortilla bowl that I saw being made while I waited. Yum! I agree the green sauce is a necessity.


  • I lived in Texas for most of my life, and I am a Mexican food addict. In Texas it was not unusual for my wife and I to eat Mexican food five times a week, often more. We truly enjoyed the variety of Mexican/Southwestern food in Texas. Gloucester is our home now, thank goodness, but the lifestyle change regarding Mexican food was jarring. I was excited when Chili Choice came to town not long after our family moved here, and then when the Happy Taco opened I was overjoyed (loved Glorias, too, while it lasted). But Tacos Lupita is the real deal. The kind of thing a Texan ex-pat dreams of at night. I’ve tried the burritos, tortas, gorditas, and tacos–all so authentic my hands are beginning to shake just thinking of it. I am on cloud 9. Gloucester finally has some depth in the Mexican food market. Variety. Now if we could just land a Indian restaurant.


  • Well I ordered the combo plate twice. I found the chicken to be dry and over cooked the steak also dry and very tough, beans tasted like they were out of a can. I was disappointed to say the least espicially after reading all these great reviews.


  • This has nothing to do with food, but I’m delighted to see what I consider to be THE BEST Homie and Rubber Duck photo. It cracks me up every time!


  • the pork taco salad is AMAZING, as are the steak nachos. gone twice, will be back for sure. but oh my, those taco salads. i could eat them for DAYS.


  • I had a pork burrito with everything. The pork was flavorless and the beans uneventful. I won’t be heading there soon for a tasty lunch.


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